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The Biggest Twitch Donations of All Time

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If you spend enough time on Twitch, you’ll often see streamers donated $5 to $10, and occasionally, you may even see a $100 donation. You’ve probably also seen videos from popular YouTuber Mr Beast donating large sums of cash to streamers (he might appear on this list a few times). So I did my best to track down the biggest Twitch donations of all time.

4. SpaceLyon ($30,000 donation)

Mr Beast’s video of donating $30,000 to SpaceLyon

We mentioned Mr Beast at the start of this post, and this is one of the first videos in his “Donating to Twitch streamers” series. He donates $30,000 in total to SpaceLyon while he is playing Fortnite.

3. Ninja ($50,000 donation)

Mr Beast’s video of donating $50,000 to Ninja

This is the second time Mr Beast is featured on this list. This time, it’s to the wildly successful streamer, Ninja. Although Ninja doesn’t stream on Twitch anymore, this was before he moved to Mixer, so I decided to include it. Also, this was a charity stream, so there’s an extra incentive to include it.

2. CourageJD ($70,000 donation)

Clip of Mr Beast and Miniminter donating $70,000

Yes, this is another donation by Mr Beast, but this time he’s joined by fellow YouTuber Miniminter. He donated a whopping $70,000 to CourageJD, but only if he wins the match of Fornite he was playing. So it was pretty intense. CourageJD has also switched to a different platform, but at the time of the donations, he was on Twitch. You can watch the full video Mr Beast made here.

1. ExoticChaotic ($75,000 donation)

Clip of Exotic Chaotic being donated $75,000

This is the single largest donation I could find on Twitch. The streamer ExoticChaotic couldn’t believe it when he received a donation of $75,000. He immediately logs into his PayPal to confirm it wasn’t a hoax. The donator was KingMascot, a fellow streamer and friend of Exotic Chaotic.

These are the biggest donations I could find on Twitch. Be sure to let me know in the comments if I missed any.

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