Grapple Dog Review

There are new indie games coming out every day. But today we got our hands on something interesting: Grapple Dog. It’s a 2D platformer game where you try to save the world from an evil robot using a grappling hook. You travel on a boat to different lands/regions to collect artifacts before the robot does. …

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RuneScape 3 Review: Is It Still Worth Playing?

Ah, RuneScape. I have fond memories of killing cows in Lumbridge, cutting Willows in Draynor Village, getting scammed out of my armour, and mining in the dwarven mines. Good times. But how does RuneScape hold up to review today? RuneScape was an incredibly popular and successful MMO that a lot of people knew about. It reached …

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Bravely Default II Review – A Brave Follow-up

Bravely Default 2 tips and tricks

Bravely Default II is Square Enix’s attempt at another entry to the series game after their previous one, Bravely Second: End Layer did not live up to fans’ expectations as a sequel to the first one. The sequel is a strong follow up to the series, and while there are hiccups in the game, the …

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Persona 5 Review – Years Later it Still Steals Hearts

After hearing so much about Persona 5 in the past several years, I finally had the opportunity to give it a chance when I saw it on sale for around $15 on the PSN Store a few months ago. Developed by Atlus in 2016, it was a game that highly was anticipated. Years later, the …

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Slayaway Camp Review – A Bloody Time, If You Want

Looking to try out Slayaway Camp? We’ve got our review right here! Slawaway Camp can be a bloody time if you want it to be. Let’s get stuck in… Slayaway Camp is the killer-puzzle game from Blue Wizard Digital, founded by Bejeweled creator Jason Kapalka. The series puts you in the shoes of various killers …

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Aragami: Shadow Edition (Switch) Review – A Worthy Opponent to Its Predecessors

Aragami: Shadow Edition for Switch.

Interested in Aragami: Shadow Edition? We managed to review it on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s our thoughts below… Aragami: Shadow Edition is a 2018 action-adventure stealth game developed and published by Lince Works that includes the 2018 prequel DLC, Aragami: Nightfall as well as the base game, Aragami, from 2016. It was eventually released on …

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Deep Rock Galactic: First Impressions

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a one-four player CO-OP first-person shooter about small teams of space Dwarves undertaking mining expeditions in fully destructible, procedurally-generated environments while fending off endless hordes of angry alien bugs. Here’s our first impressions… While this is not a full review, this article consists of my early thoughts on Deep Rock Galactic. …

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The Last Of Us Part II: Review – It Really Is The Game Of The Year

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II recently picked up ” Game of the Year” at The Game Awards, amongst other awards, and it’s safe to say that it deserves that honour. Here’s our review on The Last of Us Part II. This Review has been a long time in the making, I know. …

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Art of Rally – Beauty in its Simplicity

Committed to evoking the golden years of Group B rallying, art of rally is the product of indie minimalism being primed through a simple and yet intrinsic design philosophy, rewarding fans of racing games with many hours of challenging gameplay. In a recent review of Hotshot Racing, I described my personal philosophy about what makes …

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