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Destiny 2: Armor Synthesis (Transmog) Guide

Destiny 2 Armor Synthesis

With the Season of the Splicer, a long-awaited customization feature – Transmog finally arrived in Destiny 2. We do have a full breakdown of the new Season but now I present you a Destiny 2 Transmog Guide.

As we have already mentioned in the Season’s breakdown, you get access to the Transmog feature via completing a quest from Banshee. It is pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t include any riddles or grind, the grind comes in later.

Throughout this quest you get a general understanding of Armor Synthesis mechanics and also earn 10 Synthweaves for each class, each Synthweave allows you to convert one armor piece to an ornament. But the quests lack explanation on earning resources and actually crafting the Synthweaves ourselves, so let’s break it down.

Bounties and armor synthesis resources

The process of creating the Synthweave is not actually that complicated. Throughout the quest, you will be required to pick a bounty and complete it. Each bounty grants you x100 Armor Synthesis materials which equal to x1 Synthveawe. So to put it simply: 1 bounty – 1 ornament.

But here’s the catch, to purchase the bounty you need Synthstrands, and the game doesn’t directly tell you where to get it from. u/alonie-homie on Reddit suggested that 1 Synthstrand generates every 2 minutes of when you are in combat. And since you need 150 of them, that equals around 5 hours of gameplay.

And after that, of course, you should purchase a bounty, which may include overkill targets, and complete it to get your materials. Note that the bounty says that there is a cap of 10 bounties per class per season which means you won’t be able to get more than 20 ornaments per class in Season of the Splicer.

Transmog Vendor Screen. In-game Screenshot.
Ada-1 Vendor Screen. In-game Screenshot.

Creating ornaments and customization

After you’ve done the grind part and received your Synthweave, it is time for a pleasurable bit of this nightmare, the one that was made pretty well and easy-to-use in my opinion – appearance customization.

The Appearance Customization screen could be found in the character menu, down where you change your ship, sparrow, emotes, etc. The UI of this screen is very easy to understand. You have your armor pieces and you have your shaders/ornaments applied.

Appearance Customization screen (And my beautiful Hunter). In-game screenshot
Appearance Customization screen (And my beautiful Hunter). In-game screenshot

On the top, you can see the number of Synthweaves left for each class. The mysterious brown ones are the universal or so-called “templates”, that you can buy for Silver from Eververse. The bundles in Eververse are:

  • 1 template – 300 Silver
  • 5 templates – 1000 Silver

You can click on each armor piece and choose an ornament and a shader. The shaders are all unlocked in the shader tab since they are not in the inventory anymore. The cost of applying a shader is 500 glimmer.

And in the ornament tab is where the magic happens. On this screen, you can see all the armor pieces you’ve collected throughout your journey. You don’t need a copy of the armor piece in the inventory, all is available here. And then you unlock it and apply it to your armor piece!

Ornament Customization screen. In-game screenshot

Now every Guardian can unleash the inner fashion master and come up with unique outfits for their character. And yes, the grind behind it is a bit much, and the cap of 10 bounties will not favor those with big collections in their possessions. But let’s hope Bungie addresses the issue because the Armor Synthesis is a great feature in Destiny 2!

I hope you enjoyed this Transmog Guide in Destiny 2. Stay tuned for more guides and news coming, and good luck out there, Guardians!

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