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Destiny 2: Falling Guillotine God Roll

Falling Guillotine

Destiny 2 players always look for new powerful weapons to add to their collection and annihilate their enemies with. From its debut in Season of Arrivals, Falling Guillotine has been a staple of complete PvE destruction and massacre. This weapon is absolutely worth having at least in your vault so here’s how to get Falling Guillotine and the god roll for it.

Weapon Breakdown

The beauty of this weapon is in how much damage it can deal with perks offered and a combination with the Vortex Frame. Vortex Frame changed your right-click heavy attack to a spinning attack, continuously dealing damage to enemies.

That combo makes the Falling Guillotine incredibly in PvE especially when paired up with the Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn that grants you more resistance and defense.

Here are all the perks that can appear on Falling Guillotine rolls:

Slot 1

  • Jagged Edge (Increases damage at the cost of ammo)
  • Hungry Edge (Increased sword ammo)
  • Honed Edge (Increased dword damage)
  • Tempered Edge (Increased sword damage and ammo)
  • Enduring Blade (Greatly increased sword ammo at the cost of damage)

Slot 2

  • Burst Guard (Max efficiency and high resistance but low endurance)
  • Heavy Guard (High defenses but lowers charge rate)
  • Swordmaster’s Guard (Low defenses but increases charge rate)
  • Balanced Guard (Balanced defenses)
  • Enduring Guard (Max efficiency and high endurance but low resistance)

Slot 3

  • Tireless Blade (Grants sword ammo for every other powered sword kill)
  • Relentelss Strikes (Three light attacks within a short time grants sword ammo)
  • Energy Transfer (Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy)

Slot 4

  • Surrounded (Bonus damage when three or more enemies are close)
  • Whirlwind Blade (Rapid strikes increases sword’s damage for a short duration)
  • Counterattack (Blocking an attack after guarding increases damage for a short time)
  • En Garde (Quick attacks after swapping to this sword do additional damage)

Falling Guillotine God Roll

God roll for Falling Guillotine will focus on maximizing the damage output for PvE as it is the main usage of this sword. You can use the sword in the Crucible but there are so many better options that it’s not even worth considering.

Falling guillotine god roll example
Great Falling Guillotine roll

Always prioritize perks over the masterwork when farming a weapon. The masterwork is more like a nice bonus. But the best masterwork out there for the Falling Guillotine is an Impact masterwork.

When it comes to perks, some perks can differ depending on your playstyle but here is the Falling Guillotine god roll:

  • Honed Edge/Tempered Edge
  • Swordmaster’s Guard/Balanced Guard
  • Relentless Strikes
  • Whirlwind Blade

Honed and Tempered Edge are the best for the first slot as they provide a damage buff without any costs. The second slot is something that can depend on your playstyle. Swordmaster’s guard is mostly for playing in a fireteam with support from Wells and Balanced is good for overall use. The last two are without doubt the most important part of the roll. Other perks on those slots are pretty much useless so aim for Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade.

How to Get Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine first appeared during the Season of the Arrivals and if you haven’t farmed it then it gets a bit trickier now. But still not impossible. It can drop randomly in the world from legendary engrams but there is a more effective way to farm it. For that, you will need quite a few umbral engrams or a bit of patience.

Umbral Engrams

At the H.E.L.M you can find the Umbral Decoder and Prismatic Recaster. You can decrypt umbral engrams through the Umbral Decoder or focus them via Prismatic Recaster. Focusing means you narrow the loot you get from the engram to the specific type or category. There are many ways to focus the engrams but you will need the Blades focusing from the Season of the Splicer.

Prismatic recaster focusings
Prismatic recaster focusings

It’s the best you can get for getting swords but it may be locked for you the same way it was for me. To unlock it you will need to defeat enemies with any sword, and quite a few of them. It’s hard to say how many exactly but as long as you play something solo where no one can steal your kills you will get it done in no time.

This objective also has a triumph that you will have to claim as soon as you defeat enough enemies. It can be tracked in the Season of the Splicer category in the Prismatic Lens tab.


There is also a chance that the Falling Guillotine will appear as an item for sale at vendors. There are two vendors that can potentially sell the sword: Banshee-44 and Xur. Banshee-44 is a gunsmith that can be found in the Tower and Xur is a merchant that arrives every weekend with different exotic and legendary items for sale. However, vendor inventories will change only once every week so it can take a while for them to finally appear.

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