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Destiny 2: Gnawing Hunger God Roll


Auto rifles are far from being the most popular weapon type in Destiny 2. The battlefield is dominated by, well everything but the auto rifles. But what if we told you that there is a decent auto rifle that is worth getting? The gun is called Gnawing Hunger and this is a Destiny 2 god roll guide for it.

Gnawing Hunger is a 600 RPM auto rifle. It’s fast like a submachine gun but it’s an auto rifle. This gun is viable for both PvP and PvE and we will cover both of the god rolls. However, you are likely to get a roll that will be decent enough for both.

A quick tip: when hunting for a god roll prioritize perks in Slot 3 and Slot 4, then Masterwork, and then everything else.

Gnawing Hunger not really a god roll but a showcase of a weapon

Gnawing Hunger PvP God Roll

  • Slot 1: Smallbore/Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Slot 2: Accurized Rounds
  • Slot 3: Tap the Trigger
  • Slot 4: Kill Clip
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed/Range

The PvP roll is very specific. You want to look for Tap the Trigger + Kill Clip. It will give you stability and accuracy boost on the initial trigger pool along with increased damage when you reload after a kill. And we all know you will reload as soon as you make a kill.

The Masterworks here are Reload Speed and Range. The best way to decide if it fits or not is to look at the first two perks. Since we know you are unlikely to get everything that’s on the list just make sure both Reload Speed and Range stats are balanced.

Gnawing Hunger PvE God Roll

  • Slot 1: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Slot 2: Extended Mag/Appended Mag
  • Slot 3: Subsistence
  • Slot 4: Multikill Clip/Rampage/Swashbuckler
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed/Range

A PvE roll for this weapon is a bit more versatile. The only decent perk in Slot 3 is Subsistence which will partially reload the weapon as you defeat enemies. It’s the only option but it will make your gun fire endlessly when clearing ads.

As for Slot 4, you can choose from quite a few. The main perks are Multikill Clip, Rampage, and Swashbuckler all of which focus on the damage increase but Gnawing Hunger can also roll Demolitionist if you want to focus on getting grenade energy instead.

The Masterworks are the same here, Reload Speed and Range. Which one is best? Well, it depends on your rifling and mag, if you didn’t get an exact copy of the god roll we showed you, just make sure both stats are balanced enough for comfortable play.

How to Farm Gnawing Hunger

Banshee-44 weekly legendary items

Finally, let’s go over how to get Gnawing Hunger and the best way to farm it. Gnawing Hunger is a world drop, meaning you can get the god roll from Legendary Engrams that drop randomly when doing anything in Destiny 2. But it also means this weapon is hard to farm because of the loot pool so here are a few ways to increase your chances of getting one.

The easiest way to get it is from Banshee-44 or Xur. Those guys have a weekly rotation of legendary items that may include a Gnawing Hunger with a decent roll. However, those inventories refresh once a week and the rolls are curated. So even if out of dozens of weapons they will have Gnawing Hunger, it may still have a terrible roll.

The other way is to play certain activities. Specifically, Vanguard and Crucible. Get some bounties, complete the activities and turn them in to rank up the vendors. Both Zavala and Shaxx can get you the weapon. Finally, there are Dares of Eternity rewards that are likely to get you the Gnawing Hunger a bot faster than just shooting Dregs in the EDZ.

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