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How to Change Language in Apex Legends (PC, Xbox, Switch, Mobile, PS)

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Apex Legends can be a headache when it comes to such simple settings as a language change. Especially considering the number of platforms the game is available on. Some are more obvious, some are less. Don’t worry though as we have compiled an ultimate guide on how to change language in Apex Legends on every platform it’s available that includes consoles, PC, and mobile.

Apex Legends is available in English, German, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America). If your language is not among these your default language will be English.

How to Change Language in Apex Legends on PC


The main PC platform Apex Legends is played on is Steam. Changing Apex Legends’ language on Steam is pretty straightforward and works the same way for any other game you have on Steam.

To change language in Apex Legends on Steam:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to your Library
  • Find Apex Legends or use the search bar at the top right
  • Right-click on the game and open Properties
  • Open Language tab and select preferred language

Steam will then download a language update that weighs around 5GB

Changing language in Apex Legends on Steam
Language settings on Steam


Apex Legends is also available via Electronic Arts’ original client Origin. It’s not used much but if you are still using Origin here is the guide for that too. Note that you must have downloaded the game from Origin. If you downloaded it from Steam you will not be able to change anything, as a matter of fact, Origin doesn’t even detect Steam’s version and will offer you to download another copy of Apex Legends.

To change language in Apex Legends in Origin:

  • Open Origin
  • Go to My Games Library
  • Click on Apex Legends
  • Click on the gear icon next to the Play button
  • Choose Game Properties
  • Go to Advanced Launch Properties
  • Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu
Language settings in Origin

How to Change Language in Apex Legends on Xbox/PlayStation

On consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation there aren’t any in-game settings to change the language (at least not that we know of) so users unfortunately are limited to only one option. It’s changing the system language to the language you need.

Head to your console’s settings and look for Language (PS) or Language & Location (Xbox). Then choose the language you want. This will also then change the game’s language to match the system’s if the game supports that language. Language download should not be huge, only around 900MB.

Changing Xbox system language
Xbox language settings

How to Change Language in Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch

In the case of the Nintendo Switch, things are a bit odd. Just like with other consoles your primary language will be the same as your system’s. But if you want to change voiceover language you will need to download an additional language pack. Even though it is an unusual way to change the language it saves you space by not downloading all the languages and voiceovers with the main game.

To download Apex Legends language pack:

  • Open Nintendo eShop
  • Search “Apex Legends” or “Apex Legends *language*”
  • Download the language pack

The method has different feedback from users. If it didn’t work properly for you, the best way to do it would be changing the system’s language and reinstalling/reupdating Apex Legends on your Nintendo Switch.

Language packs in nintendo eShop
Apex Legends language packs in Nintendo eShop

How to Change Language in Apex Legends Mobile

Since Apex Legends is now also available on mobile as a standalone game we might as well cover it too. Luckily, on mobile, it’s all quite simple as there are dedicated in-game settings to do that.

To change language in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Launch Apex Legends on your mobile
  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Go to Language Settings
  • Choose one of the languages and press OK
  • Restart the app to apply changes

If you ask why there are in-game settings on mobile but aren’t on consoles, it’s because the console version is just ported from PC while Apex Legends Mobile is a whole different game. But now that you are ready to on any platform go ahead and become THE Champion!

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