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How to Find Opulent Chests in Destiny 2


Once glorious Leviathan is now filled with Nightmares and Scorn. But even though it’s corrupted to its core the opulent riches remain on the ship. The loot that you all loved and missed is back and can be found in Opulent chests aboard the Derelict Leviathan. We know that you want to get your hands on those guns so here’s how to find Opulent chests and Opulent keys in Destiny 2.

Where to Get an Opulent Key

Opulent key in Destiny 2
Opulent Key

First of all, you will need an Opulent Key. Opulent Key looks like a golden-green rusted key and is a consumable. Opulent Keys are random drops that you can find when opening chests across the Derelict Leviathan.

You can find Opulent Keys in:

  • Destination chests
  • Haunted Alcove chests (black chests that spawn after killing Nightmares in the area)
  • Nightmare Containment reward chests

The best way to farm Opulent Keys is to head to either Royal Pools or Pleasure Gardens and run around killing nightmares and opening chests. First, you will open more chests since there are both Destination and Haunted Alcove chests. And you can also encounter high-value targets whose chests can drop Opulent Keys. Destination chests respawn in different locations so we suggest using a chest tracker mod on your ghost.

Once you got the key, head to the inventory and read the clue written in the description of the item. The clues will be different because there are many Opulent chests on the ship but your key can open just a specific one. The clue will lead you to the region and location of the chest.

How to Find Opulent Chests

Opulent chest in Destiny 2
Opulent chest

The first part of the clue will be a region of the Leviathan. There are three regions total: Castellum (main location), Royal Pools (corridor to the left), and Pleasure Gardens (corridor in the middle). Once you enter the right region you will have an effect Opulent Key Held.

The second part is a more specific location within the region. All of the chests are located in open spaces and are easy to notice. They are very close to the walls or sides of the region. Pair that with the hint and the chest is within reach. For example, the “At the feet of greatness”¬†talks about a chest under the statue of Calus.

The main loot that you can hunt for with these chests are reprised weapons from the Season of Opulence:

  • Austringer
  • Beloved
  • Calus Mini-Tool
  • Drang (Baroque)

All these weapons, especially Beloved and Austringer are great weapons to farm for. And as a starting point, Opulent chests are a decent way to acquire multiple copies of them. Eventually, you will be able to those weapons with a crafting pattern to then craft at the Enclave. After you find each gun at least once and unlock Opulent Weapon Focusing Upgrade at the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M. you can focus your Umbral engrams to drop Opulent weapons.


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