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How To Get Married in Stardew Valley

how to get married in stardew valley

Though Stardew Valley focuses primarily on farming, cooking, and mining-related activities, it allows players to have fun in-game experiences as well. Moreover, Stardew Valley offers almost every feature to build a life for the players, and one of these features allows players to marry others NPCs in the game. But how do you get married in Stardew Valley? Does the spouse provide any advantage to the player?

Who Can You Marry in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley has many villagers. Although, among these NPCs, players can marry only a few of them.

Villagers marked single on the social tab are eligible to marry in Stardew Valley, and players can match any suitable NPCs regardless of their gender. This means that even if the player’s character is male, he can marry a male too and vice versa, allowing for same-sex marriages.

Male Characters You Can Marry in Stardew Valley

  • Alex
  • Elliott
  • Harvey
  • Sam
  • Sebastian
  • Shane 

Female Characters You Can Marry in Stardew Valley

  • Abigail
  • Emily
  • Haley
  • Leah
  • Maru
  • Penny
Character Loved Gifts Best Gifts After Marrying
Alex Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner Survival Burger, Dish O’ The Sea, Fried Eel
Abigail Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Banana Pudding, Amethyst, Blackberry Cobbler, Spicy Eel, Chocolate Cake Solar/Void Essence, Cherry Bomb, Tom Kha Soup, Lobster Bisque, Fried Mushroom, Crab Cakes
Elliot Tom Kha Soup, Pomegranate, Lobster, Crab Cakes, Squid Ink, Duck Feather Chowder, Fish Stew, Coffee
Emily Survival Burger, Wool, Cloth, Emerald, Amethyst, Jade, Ruby, Aquamarine, Topaz Bean Hotpot, Cloth, Wool, Omni Geode, Refined Quartz
Harvey Coffee, Wine, Super Meal, Truffle Oil, Pickles Complete Breakfast, Fried Eel
Haley Sunflower, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, Coconut Bean Hotpot, Maple Bar, Eggplant Parmesan
Sam Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza, Tigerseye Earth Crystal, Geode
Leah Salad, Stir Fry, Vegetable Medley, Poppyseed Muffin, Goat Cheese, Truffle, Wine Coffee, Fiddlehead Fern
Sebastian Sashimi, Pumpkin Soup, Frozen Tear, Obsidian, Void Egg Void Essence, Bat Wing, Coffee
Maru Cauliflower, Strawberry, Rhubarb Pie, Miner’s Treat, Cheese Cauliflower, Pepper Poppers, Radioactive/Gold/Iridium Bar, Diamond, Battery Pack Bomb, Cherry Bomb, Quality Fertilizer, Refined Quartz, Warp Totem: Farm, Fried Mushroom, Crab Cakes
Shane Pepper Poppers, Hot Pepper, Beer, Pizza Pepper Poppers, Pale Ale
Penny Poppy, Melon, Poppyseed Muffin, Tom Kha Soup, Sandfish, Diamond, Emerald, Red Plate, Roots Platter Geode, Fried Eel
Providing the appropriate gifts to specific characters will increase the likelihood of starting a romance with them

Best Characters to Get Married to In Stardew Valley

best characters to marry in stardew valley
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Although many characters can marry in Stardew Valley, only a few are decent choices. These characters give gifts that are very useful for a player’s progression in the game. Here are the best characters to marry from the above list:


Sebastian is a loner and lives in the basement of his mother’s carpentry shop. He is a charming guy with a wave of positive vibes around him. Moreover, Sebastian and Sam are good friends, and players often find them hanging out at Sam’s house.


Leah is a sculpture artist and lives alone in the town. She’s an extrovert, not a homebody. Further, Leah loves to roam around the town, and even though she does not give good gifts, she is the easiest person to get engaged with because she likes the gifts that are easily accessible from the initial stages of Stardew Valley, like driftwood.


Having an immature and rebellious nature, Abigail is one of the favorite personalities in the town. Abigail is a blonde known for accepting Quartz as a gift, and starting a relationship with her is pretty straightforward.


Penny is sometimes referred to as the worst person to marry in Stardew Valley, but she’s one of the kindest NPCs in the game. Though she likes = gifts that are hard to obtain, she gives Geodes in return, and Geodes are a potential source of many artifacts and minerals.

What Are the Requirements Before Getting Married in Stardew Valley

Before proposing to the intended partner, players must complete some tasks. Firstly, it requires a second community upgrade, and most importantly, the farmhouse must be upgraded so that the spouse can come and live with you.

Secondly, players must have access to the Tide Pool area of the beach. Players can not move to the Tide Pool area until they fix the bridge to travel there. For improving the bridge, the player should have 300 pieces of wood.

How to Marry Someone in Stardew Valley

Friendship Levels

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Marrying someone in Stardew Valley is a piece of cake for players. Getting into a relationship requires regular interaction with the villager, and affection between them increases when the player gives gifts to the chosen one. 

Talking to villagers increases their Friendship points. Ten hearts represent the ten levels of friendship, and one heart is of 250 Friendship points. To see the heart meter, players must check the social tab of the game menu. Friendship Level for spouses can reach up to 14 hearts while it’s only ten hearts for ordinary villagers.

Start a Romance to Marry in Stardew Valley

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After reaching eight hearts, the player can initiate romancing villagers by giving them a bouquet. Bouquets are available for purchase at Pierre’s General Store. This regular interaction and romance help boost the Friendship to Level 10.

Mermaid’s Pendant

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When Friendship Level with a villager reaches ten, players can marry them. This process requires a marriage token, a Mermaid’s Pendant, which is then gifted to the villager to be married. Mermaid’s Pendant costs 5000g, and you can buy it from the Old Mariner. Only on rainy or stormy days, the Old Mariner stands at the north side of the beach past the Tide Pools. The Old Mariner stands at the north side of the beach only during the rainy or stormy days and is not available otherwise.

The Marriage Event in Stardew Valley

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After proposing, it takes three days for the marriage to occur in the morning. Your spouse helps in everyday chores around the farm and gives gifts post marriage. These gifts include consumables that help the players lower their crafting time for various items.

After marriage, players also receive a Stardrop as a wedding gift when they marry a villager or another player in multiplayer mode.

Avoid Angry Spouse After Marriage in Stardew Valley

Players require interacting daily with their partner to grow their relationship and upgrade their friendships, which becomes 14 hearts after marriage. Further, no interaction for a week results in a situation that the spouse gets sad and they refuse to do the chores around the farm.

How to Have a Baby After Getting Married in Stardew Valley

baby in stardew valley
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A farmhouse is further upgradable to include a new nursery. After the marriage, players can also have babies with their partners. One night, your spouse will ask you a question, “if you want to have or adopt a child.” Players get an option to say “Yes” or “Not now.” 

If you choose “Yes”, same-sex couples adopt a child. On the other hand, couples of the opposite genders proceed to have a biological baby.

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One can have only two children on the farm, a male and a female. The gender of the first child is random, and the gender of the second child is opposite to the first child. The option to have a second child appears after the first one reaches toddler stage 4.

Can You Have an Affair After Marriage in Stardew Valley

affair for gifts in stardew valley
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Players can marry only one villager, but they can build relationships other than their spouse with any villager. Even after marriage, players can profit from their existing relationships with NPCs. Villagers in a relationship with the player reward them with gifts, and each villager has their own set of gifts.

Although cheating on your spouse is not the best idea, exchanging gifts and starting a romantic relationship with other villagers is doable, provided your spouse doesn’t find out.

How ti Get Married in Multiplayer Mode in Stardew Valley

When playing in multiplayer mode, players can also marry other players. There is no heart meter in multiplayer mode, which means players can marry other players anytime they want and do not require to be gifted to build relationships.

However, a Wedding Ring is still required if you want to marry someone online.

How to Get a Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley

wedding ring in stardew valley
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A Wedding Ring is a unique item that can not be purchased anywhere in Stardew Valley because it is crafted. Crafting a Wedding Ring is not so hard as it requires a recipe that is a purchasable item from the Traveling Cart.

Traveling Cart appears in Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Saturdays. It is open from 6 am to 8 pm and offers the Wedding Ring recipe for only 500g. Here’s what you need to craft your Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley:

  • 5 Iridium Bars
  • 1 Prismatic Shard

Can You Have a Baby With Other Players in Multiplayer Mode in Stardew Valley

After marrying a player, players can still have a baby. Like singleplayer mode, a dialogue box appears when they go to bed, asking them if they want to have a child or adopt one, and accepting the request spawns a child in their house the next day.

How to Divorce in Stardew Valley

divorce after getting married in stardew valley
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If your marriage is failing in Stardew Valley, you can get a divorce by going to Mayor’s Manor. Players need to interact with a book lying inside Mayor’s Manor, giving players an option to divorce. A divorce costs 50,000g.

After getting divorced, the spouse leaves the house, becomes hostile, and does not accept any gifts offered by the player. So much for realism, huh? 

Let us know who you are planning to marry in Stardew Valley!

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