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How to Kick on a Bike in GTA 5


With the Bikers update, GTA 5 added new things like Clubhouse businesses, Motorcycle Clubs, new bikes, and a few new features including being able to kick while on a bike. Perfect for knocking down your friend off of their bike if you are cruising together.

To kick on a bike in GTA 5 (if you changed your keybinds at any point, make sure to check your settings):

  • PlayStation: Hold X and tap L1 or R1 while you are riding.
  • Xbox: Hold A and tap LB or RB while you are riding.
  • PC: Hold X and click the left or right mouse button while you are riding.
Performing a kick on a bike in GTA 5
Performing a kick on a bike

You can either kick left or right depending on the button you press. You can’t aim your kick in any other way. But if you manage to land a kick on someone’s face, you are in for some fun time and angry friends.

It’s important to do this unarmed while you are moving. Having a weapon equipped will make your character use that weapon instead (regardless of melee vs ranged). And if you are stationary, your character will show a finger instead. But to show a finger you simply can use your aiming button while unarmed. No need for anything else.

Unfortunately, you can’t kick on a bike in GTA 5 Story Mode because the update features never get added to it. Trying to use the controls will only result in your character showing the finger while riding.

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