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How to Make a Tent in DayZ

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If you’re looking to set up a quick version of your base then you need to know how to make a tent in DayZ. Aside from this, it also allows you set up some tactical options when set up efficiently. And can be a useful tool in your survival and hunting arsenal.

There are three kinds of tents you can craft in the game. Today we will walk through everything need to know to make any of these tents in DayZ. Along some useful tips and tricks that can help you when you are in a pinch or you are on the offensive, and how your tents can help you.

How to Build Your Tent in DayZ

Placing a shelter kit in DayZ
After getting the resources to make a tent in DayZ, you will need to create a shelter Kit. (Image: YouTube / Nitno)

Tents are the useful items due to one reason, their storage capacity. Giving you access to a 100 slot inventory to use as your base of operations. To make a tent in DayZ you will need some resources first. The list below outlines the materials you need to build your tent, and will be the same every time you do so.

  • 54 short sticks
  • 4 large sticks
  • 1 rope

Before you begin building your tent, you need to craft a shelter kit. This acts as the base or foundation of your shelter and will be required every time you build one. To do so, combine four short sticks with the rope. The scroll through your blue prints until you see the “Craft a shelter Kit” option appear.

Once your kit is crafted and set on the ground, you can begin building your tent on top of it. We will be going through the three kinds of tents you can build in DayZ. Namely, the Stick Shelter, the Tarp Shelter and the Leather shelter.

Stick Shelter

Screenshot of a stick shelter in DayZ
Example of the Stick shelter / tent in DayZ (Image: YouTube / Nitno)

To craft the stick shelter, you can use the materials you have on hand as outlined above. Simply insert the 50 short sticks and four Long sticks into the material depot in the shelter kit. Once done, your shelter will be complete and you can store your items within the shelter.

Since it is made of foliage, the stick shelter is particularly useful as it will blend into your surroundings quite naturally and allow you to keep your equipment and materials out of the enemies hands. It also helps when you want to remain hidden and out of sight when your backs against the wall.

Tarp Shelter

Screenshot of a shelter made of tarp in DayZ
Example of the Tarp shelter / tent in DayZ (Image: YouTube / Nitno)

To craft the tarp shelter the steps to follow are the same as above, only you will also need to add a tarp to the material slot of the shelter. Tarps are a type of equipment found in industrial areas, garages and garden sheds. So be on the lookout for them when you are out collecting resources.

Tarp shelters also offer the same amount of storage capacity as the stick shelters but somewhat better protection against the elements. These shelters are more visible however and wont blend in the nature as easily.

Leather Shelter

Screenshot of a shelter made of leather in DayZ
Example of the Leather shelter / tent in DayZ (Image: YouTube / Nitno)

Leather shelters are crafted similarly to the above two shelters, but with some different materials. Add the small sticks and long sticks as you did before, but now also add tanned leather to the material slot. The tanned leather can crafted when you kill and skin an animal. And then combine its skin with garden lime to create the tanned leather.

Leather shelters offer the same inventory slot, but the most protection against the elements. Similarly to the tarp shelters, the leather shelter doesn’t offer as much camouflage as the stick shelter.

Why Make a Tent in DayZ?

The advantages and tips when making a tent in DayZ
There are some great advantages when building a tent or shelter in DayZ. (Picture: YouTube / Nitno)

Tents in DayZ offer you more storage capacity that you can carry around, which can vastly improve your inventory size and allows for more options when managing your overall inventory. You can choose carry only certain items with you on certain ventures and leave what you don’t need behind.

But not only do they offer you allot of storage capacity to store your items in a safe location. They can also offer you a tactical advantage as if you use a tent that stands out against the  background, you can lure players into traps and ambushes, turning the hunter into the hunted.

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