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How to Open the Console on CSGO


The console in Counter-Strike allows you to adjust nearly every element of your experience. But, it isn’t exactly always clear how to open the console on CS:GO or how to use it.

In this guide, we’ll run you through how to open the console on CS:GO while also teaching you the unique functions the console offers, as well as how to activate those functions.

How to Open the Console on CSGO

Activating the Console

To open the console on CS:GO, you must first activate it. To do so, follow our steps below:

  1. Open CS:GO’s in-game settings.
  2. Click on the Game Settings tab.
  3. Scroll through the list until you reach Enable Developer Console.
  4. Enable the Enable Developer Console by setting it to Yes.
  5. Now, select Mouse And Keyboard Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  6. Click on Toggle Console and set your preferred keybind to activate the Console.
  7. Make sure to click Apply before exiting the Settings menu.

If you followed our instructions correctly, you will now be able to activate the console in-game.

CSGO in-game settings tab
Click “Yes” to activate the console on CS:GO.

Opening the Console in CSGO

To activate the console on CS:GO, all you need to do is press the key you set to toggle the console earlier in the settings tab.

If you didn’t set a new preferred keybind, the default is typically the tilde key (~). After pressing, the console will pop up, allowing you to type in your commands.

How to Use the Console in CSGO

The console on CS:GO allows you to perform many functions.
The console on CS:GO allows you to perform many functions.

The console on CS:GO allows you to perform many functions. Some of these include being able to personalize and optimize the game to your own preferences.

Additionally, players can use the console to change their keybinds and other game features quicker than going into the settings menu. Below is a table of a few useful functions it can provide along with their respective commands:

Function Command
Monitor your frame rate/performance: net_graph 1
Unlock your frame rate: fps_max 0
Adjust the minimap: cl_radar_always_centered
Lower your teammate’s voices: voice_scale 0.3
Mute your teammates: voice_enable 0
Disable pre-game intros: novid
Switch the in-game language: language [English] – or any other language you want to switch to
Personalize your HUD: cl_hud_color [Blue] – or any other color you want to switch to
Activate cheats: sv_cheats 1

Just copy and paste these commands into the console and press Enter. The command will then be activated and your game will be adjusted.


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