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How to Play Against Friends in Apex Legends?


Random players fill Apex Legends with action. But sometimes you have to settle on who is the best among your friends.

To fight your friends you can either head to the Firing Range or create a Private Match. You can’t load into a public game against each other unless you queue up simultaneously and get really lucky.

Playing Against Friends in Firing Range

Firing Range is great for quick 1v1s or weapon testing against more realistic opponents. Before you do, check out the best keybinds for Apex Legends to give yourself an advantage.

To play against your Apex friend in a Firing Range follow these steps:

  1. Invite your friend to a lobby
  2. Launch the Firing Range
  3. When loaded in the Range Leader must press “Tab”
  4. And in the Customize Range section enable Friendly Fire
Firing Range settings
Firing Range settings

Now you can deal damage to each other and have fun at the range with all the weapons and equipment. The updated Firing Range also has many great locations to practice specific scenarios and situations.

Playing Against Friends in a Private Match

If you have many friends that want to play against each other, you can create a Custom Game. We’ll go over how to set it up and what settings to pay attention to.

Creating a Custom Game is quite simple:

  1. Go to the game modes menu
  2. At the top select “Private Match”
  3. Select “Create Match”
Private Match creation screen
Private Match creation screen

Now you can customize all the settings for your game. We will go over them in a moment. When you are ready, reveal the join code at the top right and send it to your friends.

They will have to follow the same steps but choose “Join Match” instead of “Create Match” and enter your code. When everything is set up, hit “Start Match” and begin the game.

Game Modes

Private Match settings
Private Match settings

The first thing you can choose is a game mode in the “Settings” tab. The list of available game modes depends on what is currently in rotation in the game.

As of Season 17, the following modes are available:

  • Battle Royale: Trios
  • Battle Royale: Duos
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Gun Run
  • Control

For each game mode, there are many maps available. For example, there are all five Battle Royale maps available for you to play.

Choose the mode, the map, and adjust any other options. For some modes, there’s also a Tournament format available under “Game Mode Variant”. This format includes some competitive limitations.


Custom teams in a Private Match
Custom teams in a Private Match

After you selected the game mode you can go back to the main screen and look at the teams. Depending on what game mode you chose, you will have multiple teams available.

On the left, there will be all unassigned players and observers/spectators. To assign people to a team, drag and drop their names. If you enabled “Self-Assign Teams” in the settings, players will be able to do that themselves.


Apex Legends server menu

The last thing for you to consider is the server for this private match. Press “Tab” or select “Data Center” at the bottom to bring up the list of available servers. You will be able to see your ping and packet loss.

Consider your friends’ locations and select a server that gives everyone more or less the same ping. This way you will have equal chances of winning when playing the game.

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