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How to Play Overtime Rumble in GTA


Overtime Rumble in GTA is an Adversary Mode introduced in 2017 as part of the Gunrunning update in 2017 during Cheetah Classic week. The game mode is a remix of Darts, and it features team-based gameplay with up to 10 players. If you never gave the mode a shot, here is a quick rundown on how to play Overtime Rumble in GTA 5.

You need to land your Ruiner 2000 on various platforms and earn points for your team. Cars cannot jump, accelerate or brake, which makes the game mode extremely challenging.

How Does The Overtime Rumble Mode Work? 

The mode consists of two teams using the Ruiner 2000 vehicle to traverse the arena. You can use the car to jump off ramps to land between marked areas. There are no manual controls for your car, and you have to rely on your trusty parachute to land you safely.

Landing on any of the markers will fetch you anything from one to five points distributed differently depending on the map. The number on the marker denotes the difficulty, with one being the lowest and level five markers requiring precise movement. As long as you are in the play area, you will not be able to jump, accelerate or brake when using your car.

If you are not careful, you may find yourself rolling out of the arena. Most importantly, you should try to push other players out of the arena, and it is the best way to wipe out the competition while keeping yourself safe.

Once every player lands on the markers, the current attempt ends, and the game starts a fresh round. Whichever team scores the most points after five attempts win the match.

GTA Overtime Rumble Scoring Platforms

Image via Rockstar Games

1 – White platforms that offer one point each. These are the easiest to earn points on as they have generous landing areas which you should not miss.

2 – The black platforms offer two points each and are slightly smaller than the white platforms. You should have no trouble landing on these if you can drive the Ruiner 2000 comfortably.

3 – This is where things start to get tricky. The blue platforms offer three points each, and you need to be careful when landing on them, as it is pretty straightforward to slide out of these platforms.

4 – The red platforms offer four points each but generally have enough space to fit a car comfortably as long as you are precise when landing.

5 – Yellow platforms offer five points, but they have enough space to fit a car. If you are not confident in your ability to perfect land your vehicle on these platforms, we recommend sticking to red platforms at best.

What Vehicles are Allowed in Overtime Rumble?

Image via Rockstar Games

Overtime Rumble in GTA allows you to use only an unarmed version of the Ruiner 2000. To differentiate the two teams, the Purple Team’s Ruiner is painted entirely in Metallic Spinnaker Purple. While the Orange Team’s Ruiner is painted entirely in Metallic Orange. Instead of the usual SecuroServ logo seen on the parachutes, players get to don their team colors instead.

Overtime Rumble Locations in GTA

The Overtime Rumble mode in GTA V features the following locations: 

  • Overtime Rumble I: Maze Bank Tower in Pillbox Hill.
  • Overtime Rumble II: Alamo Sea
  • Overtime Rumble III: Pacific Ocean, east of Palomino Islands.
  • Overtime Rumble IV: Del Perro
  • Overtime Rumble V: Paleto Bay North
  • Overtime Rumble VI: Rancho
  • Overtime Rumble VII: Paleto Bay Central

Overtime Rumble Tips

Image via Rockstar Games

Players need to have good aim, landing skills, and timing with their launches. Simply playing the mode a lot will help you improve all of these skills, but here are some quick tips that can give you an edge over your opponents:

Quick Overtime Rumble Tips

Never be the first to land: If you are the player that lands first, you become an easy target for your opponents. You can easily get knocked out of your platform or displaced as you try to reposition yourself for your jump.

Help your teammates: Remember, it’s a team vs team mode. You want to create space for your teammates and prevent opponents from knocking your allies out of their platforms. Help out your teammates whenever you can’t to increase your chances of winning.

Use the launch tip to knock opponents: It is much easier than anywhere else to knock opponents off the launch tip. Try to push enemies off the launch tip whenever they try to make a landing.

Landing upside down does not count: Do not try to pull off any fancy tricks, as landing upside down will net you a total of zero points. Stick to the basics and try to land on your wheels if you want to earn points for your team.

Overtime Rumble is a fun and straightforward game mode that puts you in a team versus team setting. It is essential to learn the maps to improve the mode. This was everything you needed to know on How to Play Overtime Rumble in GTA.

Maps like Overtime Rumble V and VI are challenging, and it is usually not worth the risk to go for more points. Instead, try to consistently get 3 or 4 points each round to give yourself the best chances of winning. Just focus on teamplay, and victory will be yours!

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