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How to Sell Oppressor MK1 in GTA 5?


The Oppressor MK1 is a classic GTA 5 bike. Although not as intimidating as MK2, the Oppressor can be quite fun to use. The Opressor MK1 is also one of the more expensive ones, and when in need of cash in GTA 5 you can always sell it.

Where to Sell Opressor MK1

You can sell the Opressor on the Mobile Operations Center (MOC). If you have the Opressor you likely already own the MOC. Make sure that your MOC has the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop as one of its bays.

If you don’t have the workshop installed, it will cost you $955,000 to get one. This is far from ideal, but there’s no other way to sell Opressor MK1 in GTA 5.

You can buy the MOC and relevant upgrades on the Warstock website:

  1. Open the browser on your phone in GTA 5
  2. On the main page go to Warstock
  3. At the top find the Mobile Operations Center
  4. Make the necessary changes, and then complete the purchase
MOC Warstock page (Credit: JG Slammer)

To sell the Opressor MK1 in GTA 5:

  1. Open the interaction menu and summon the MOC using the “Services” tab
  2. Enter the Moc on the Opressor MK1
  3. Scroll down to the “Sell” option in the upgrading menu
  4. The vehicle will then disappear from the MOC
Selling the Opressor (Credit: Flagrantend621)

How Much Will I Get for Opressor MK1?

The amount of money you can get for your Opressor depends on how many upgrades you had installed on it.

Most basic ones sell for around $1,590,000. And with upgrades, the prices can go up to $2,2 million and even higher.

After you sell your Opressor MK1 in GTA 5, the money will be sent to your cash balance. So make sure to transfer it to your Maze Bank account immediately.

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