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How to Uninstall Apex Legends? (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch)


Apex Legends is incredibly heavy for what it is. Even though almost everyone has 1TB+ drives, 80GB is still 80GB. Apex Legends is available on multiple platforms and deleting it could prove a bit confusing. If you are wondering how to uninstall Apex Legends from your device this guide will tell you everything you need to know in walking through every platform there is.

Deleting Apex Legends on PC

On PC you can play Apex Legends via Steam or Origin (EA platform). Both are multigame platforms that are available to download for free. Those are different platforms but the uninstalling process is quite similar and simple.


Origin used to be the only platform for playing Apex Legends and if you are an OG player this could be the platform you are still using.

So here’s how to uninstall Apex Legends via Origin:

  • Go to your Game Library
  • Look for Apex Legends (should be in the very beginning of the list)
  • Click on the gear icon and select “Uninstall” from the dropdown menu

The screenshot below doesn’t have an “Uninstall” button, that’s because installing it would take a few years. However, that doesn’t change much as the “Uninstall” button will be here instead of the “Cancel Download” one.

How to uninstall Apex Legends from Origin
Uninstalling Apex Legends from Origin


If you are using Steam (because Steam is obviously better), launch the Steam desktop app and follow these steps:

  • Access your library on the top bar of the app. You can just click it or choose “Home” from the dropdown menu.
  • If you have a big collection of games use the search bar and type “Apex” to find it quicker. If you can’t find it, make sure that the account has a “Family View” feature off.
  • Right click the game title and go to “Manage” and then “Uninstall”. After the “Are you sure?” question the game will be promptly deleted from your computer.
How to uninstall Apex from Steam
Searching for Apex Legends in your Steam App

Control Panel

An ultimate solution to delete programs and games from your PC is to use a Control Panel that has the full list of the stuff you have installed. In this case, it does not matter whether you play on Origin or Steam, you can still delete the game with no issues.

On Windows, type in “Control Panel” in the search bar. Even the first few letters are enough for the system to find it. The next step is to open the program list by clicking the “Uninstall a program” button (highlighted in the image below). Find Apex Legends there and uninstall it by right-clicking.

How to open program list in control panel
Control Panel in Windows 10

When uninstalling, Windows will automatically launch the platform you play Apex with (Steam or Origin) so you may be required to enter your login and password. After that a classic pop-up confirmation and pooff, Apex is gone.

Uninstalling Apex on Consoles

Uninstalling games on any console is way simpler than it is on a PC. Here are guides on how to uninstall Apex Legends on PlayStation 5 (works pretty much the same on PS4), Xbox One X/S, and Nintendo Switch (yes I said that right, Switch).


This specific guide features screenshots from PS5 but since PS5 is a legend and we all know it doesn’t exist (at least in my stores) follow the same steps on PlayStation 4 and you will be just fine.

Whichever PlayStation you are on, here’s how to delete Apex Legends:

  • Go to your games library and hover over the Apex Legends.
  • Press the options button on the controller. The menu will appear.
  • Choose the “Delete” option
Deleting a game on PlayStation
Deleting a game on PlayStation 5


On Xbox One S/X the process is pretty much the same, it may involve a few extra steps depending on if you want to delete only separate downloadable content or the whole game (applies to all games).

Here’s how to delete Apex Legends on Xbox:

  • Open your Xbox settings by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Go to “My Games and Apps”
  • Select Apex Legends from the list
  • In “Manage Apex Legends” you choose what you want to delete or nuke the whole game from your console
Xbox menu
Xbox main menu
Xbox game management
Xbox game’s management menu (in this case Destiny 2)

Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends was also ported to Nintendo Switch and if you are one of the Switch owners here’s how you can get rid of Apex there too.

On Nintendo Switch:

  • Select Apex Legends from the Home screen and press the “+” button on the right Joy-Con or the “-” button on the left Joy-Con
  • Here go to the “Manage Software”
  • Press “Delete Software”

And there you go, Apex is gone again.

Uninstalling software on Nintendo Switch
Deleting games on Nintendo Switch

Bye bye Apex

I hope whatever platform you are not, you were successful in uninstalling Apex Legends. Do remember that uninstalling your game doesn’t delete your progress in that game. So next time you want to install and play Apex Legends all of your data will be saved along with your precious weapon skins.

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