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Is Destiny 2 Split Screen? (What Game Modes Can Be Used?)


Destiny 1 was a hit on consoles and Destiny 2 has been a great game for already more than five years. From the developers of early Halo games, it might feel natural to have a split-screen option available for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 does not support split-screen and it is unlikely to be implemented in the near future. Mainly because it’s not as much demanded as it was before.

Still, Destiny 2 is a game that heavily relies on playing cooperatively with other Guardians, whether they are your friends or just random people found through matchmaking. Even content that is technically meant for one player like campaigns can be completed with others.

To play with your friends you can take advantage of fireteams which is a Destiny 2 version of a lobby. Simply find your friend on the friends’ list and invite them to the game like you would in any other game.

Destiny 2 Fireteam starting a Vanguard Op
Destiny 2 Fireteam starting a Vanguard Op

From there on, the Fireteam Leader can send both of you to any activities you want to play. And there are a whole lot of them. You can even go a step further and create a clan. Then invite other Guardians there and earn extra weekly rewards.

That is as far as the options for cooperative play go in Destiny 2. Since split-screen is not as relevant as it once was, an MMO like Destiny 2 is likely to stay online only forever.

But that shouldn’t be a reason for you to give up on the game. There are quite a few other things that will make Destiny 2 worth your time including an extensive story that you’d want to explore without someone yelling on your couch.

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