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Destiny 2: How to Obtain the No Time To Explain


Destiny 2 Beyond Light launched recently and brought with it a fan favorite returning weapon from Destiny 1…No Time To Explain. So what is it and how do you get it?

No Time to Explain

No Time To Explain (Destiny 1)
Credit: Destiny Fandom

No Time To Explain in Destiny 1 was an exotic pulse rifle that returned precision shots to the magazine as well as…*checks notes* that’s about it. A little disappointing. Fast forward to Destiny 2 Beyond Light and the gun is much more interesting.

In Destiny 2, No Time To Explain is still an exotic pulse rifle that returns precision shots to the magazine, but this time around there’s a bit more to it. For starters, the weapon also returns shots against enemies that have been slowed or frozen by Stasis. We also have another intriguing feature courtesy of Clovis Bray and Vex technology. Precision shots as well as shots against enemies frozen or slowed by Stasis grant stacks of Rewind Again (up to 10 stacks), once 10 stacks have been reached, a portal will appear and will begin firing projectiles from an alternate timeline version of the weapon. This is the kind of thing that I’m expecting from Bungie’s exotic team. We need more cool exotics that do cool things rather than what we’ve been used to in previous weapons and armor. I think that Bungie is starting to lean into the Borderlands style of weaponry getting crazier and more intricate with each addition to the game, but while I hope they do continue to find new ways to implement new exotics, I hope that they don’t break the game while doing so.

How Do I Get The Gun?

Exo Stranger (Europa)

So you may be thinking to yourself “Wow, this gun sounds really cool! How can I get my hands on it?” Well I’ve got good news if you bought the deluxe edition of Beyond Light and really bad news if you didn’t. So far it looks like the only way to obtain the weapon is to purchase the deluxe edition for $69.99 USD. If you’ve done that, then that’s great news! All you need to do now is finish the entire 34 quest step story campaign for Beyond Light and pick it up from the Exo Stranger on Europa and you’re good to go! If you haven’t purchased the deluxe edition, I suggest you do so or wait for Bungie to tell us when you can earn the weapon in-game, but my guess is if this is an intentional paywall lockout, you’re probably gonna be better off just buying the deluxe edition rather than waiting for it to become free. Plus, if you purchase the deluxe edition, you get the crystal cool (see what I did there? Okay, I promise that’s it. I’ll put my puns on ice for now.) ornament “Frozen in Time” shown below!

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