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VALORANT: How to Unlock All of the Free Skins


VALORANT is free to play, but it does have some sweet skins for you to collect. Of course, many of these different skin collections are only available behind a pay wall. Despite this, you can still score some for yourself without dropping a dime.

VALORANT Agent Contracts

Agent contracts are the first way to earn some skins, along with gun buddies. Using Agent contracts, you have to earn experience in matches. As you continue to play and level up, you will unlock Agent-specific items in your collection like taglines, gun buddies and profile banners. But we all know what we’re here for, and that’s skins. Once you level up your contract up to 10, you will unlock a pistol skin tailored to that agent. Here are all of the skins you can unlock from contracts:

VALORANT Raze Classic
Raze’s Pistolinha Classic
Sage’s Final Chamber Classic
Viper’s Snakebite Shorty
VALORANT Raze Classic
Phoenix’s Spitfire Frenzy
Breach’s Ragnarocker Frenzy
Omen’s Soul Silencer Ghost
Cypher’s Hush Ghost
Reyna’s Vendetta Ghost
Sova’s Protektor Sheriff
Jett’s Game Over Sheriff
Brimstone’s Peacekeeper Sheriff

Something to keep in mind is that these guns will take a while to get. The upper half of the agent contracts will take a good amount of game time to level up. For newer players, unlock one of the Agents whose skin you want. When you recruit them, the first five levels of the contract will be completed automatically. Gamers can also purchase levels of a contract with Valorant Points, but that defeats the purpose of these skins being free.

 Ignition: Act 1 Skins

The first battle pass for VALORANT, Ignition: Act 1 brought in a ton of cool skins for players to unlock. Along with the paid battle pass goodies, there are free rewards as well. This reward waits for you all the way at the end of the pass, level 50. At the final stage of Ignition: Act 1 is the Kingdom Classic. There are a few other Kingdom skins in the pass, but you will only be able to get the Classic version for free. But if you do buy the battle pass and make it all the way to the end, you can get a nice knife to go along with it!

VALORANT Kingdom Melee

VALORANT does have free skins, but you are going to have to work hard to enjoy using them. If you think you have what it takes, by all means, collect the skins and don’t give up a cent!

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