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What Does “nt” Mean in Valorant?

What does nt mean in Valorant?

As in any online game, Valorant has a bunch of terms and abbreviations that are unique to it and widely used by players. Starting with technical things unique to Valorant like ACS to social, like “gg” and “nt” and you may not know what all of them mean.

Learning them will make communication much easier and make your introduction to the game smoother.

What Does “nt” Mean?

“nt” means “nice try”. It is mostly used as a compliment after a round was lost despite everyone doing their best. It is very common to say “nt” when your teammate almost pulled off a clutch. Even if the play wasn’t ideal it is always better to say “nt” to keep the mental high and stay positive.

Mental and team morale is what makes or breaks games. No one likes players who constantly trash-talk teammates so don’t do that. Be more considerate and know that things do not always go according to plan. Say “so close, nt” and try again.

“nt” can be used in a negative way but we’ll be honest, no one does that. Not because Valorant players are nice but because there are many other words to use to say how bad your team is. As far as the game goes, “nt” always means “you almost got them, good job, better luck next time”.

Other Valorant Terms

Apart from “nt”, there are a few more such abbreviations widely used in Valorant (and in other games as well):

  • gg: good game
  • wp: well played
  • ff: forfeit/surrender
  • ns: nice shot
  • gh: good half
  • gl: good luck
  • ez: easy

Use all of them in a sportsmanlike and polite way and your teammates will thank you. And not only teammates. You can use these in regard to your opponents as well. Like writing “ns” after getting immediately one tapped.

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