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What is ADR in CS:GO


Professional players are at the top of the leaderboard with the highest stats. Headshot percentage, KD, and ADR. And while being overly focused on stats is not recommended, you should at least know what ADR is in CS:GO.

ADR is the average damage you deal per round. The higher, the better, but the golden mean is betwen 60 and 80 ADR. If you have a lower ADR you have to start improving at the game. From your aim to teh general game sense.

What is ADR in CS:GO?

ADR stands for Average Damage per Round. It’s an average of the damage you dealt during the round that you can then track in the periods of multiple games or even weeks and months.

The most common way to measure ADR is per game and then compare the stats.

Considering that a player has 100 health, if you have 100 ADR means that on average you deal enough damage to secure one full kill. Which is an exceptional result.

A good ADR ranges from 60 to 80. This means you consistently have an impact in rounds. Lower ADR shows that you had a bad game and higher is a great game.

Then again, don’t be too focused on trying to hit ADR thresholds. Focus on your game and mechanics, and ADR will gradually improve along with it.

How to Check Your ADR

ADR on the scoreboard of the game
ADR on the scoreboard of the game

During the game you can check your ADR on the scoreboard. It’s not shown straight away, so here’s what you should do:

  • Press “Tab” to open scoreboard
  • Right-click to bring the mouse cursor
  • Press on the diagram icon at the top-right to see advanced stats
  • Check your ADR in the third column

Keep in mind that ADR during the game, especially in early rounds, will be very vague. One good round where you make 3-4 kills can boost your ADR to 150+.

And will not be accurate representation of ADR. It’s best to check your ADR in the second half of the match.

What is Pro Player’s ADR?

We’ll take NaVi’s s1mple as an example. S1mple by far is one of the best CS:GO players in the world. On HLTV you can find a range of stats including ADR.

s1mple stats available on HLTV

S1mple’s ADR is 85.6 which is on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s not the highest ADR among CS:GO pro players but it is an incredibly high level of play.

Other well-known CS:GO players and their ADR are:

  • ZywOo: 87.5
  • sh1ro: 78.8
  • kennyS: 74
  • coldzera: 78.5
  • frozen: 83
  • GuardiaN: 71.8

As you can see those range quite heavily and some are even labeled as “poor” on HLTV. This proves again that ADR is not the only thing you should care about.

How to Increase Your ADR?

Yprac practice maps in CS:GO
Yprac practice maps in CS:GO

If you are working on increasing your ADR, there are a few things you can do. You should also recognize which areas of the game you are lacking in. Then work on those areas to get better.

General ways of increasing your ADR are:

Play Deathmatch. One of the most basic ways of improving at shooting and thus increasing your ADR is playing deathmatch. The more you play, the better your muscle memory will be. Just make sure you are being accurate and not trying to spray down everyone you see.

Learn default peeks. Half of the gunfight is a proper crosshair placement. When you already have your crosshair on the enemy’s head all you need to do is shoot. There are quite a few workshop maps that allow you to practice peeks and positions on any competitive map. We recommend a set of maps by Yesber on Steam Workshop.

Learn smokes and flashes. Just like with peeks and positions, there are many maps and guides online on how to throw grenades. Learn at least a few grenades on each of your strongest maps and use them to gain an advantage in the game.

Play on 1v1 Aim Maps. To make your aim more consistent we recommend you hop onto 1v1 community servers. Just open the community server browser and search for 1v1. These game modes work in the arena mode. You move to a higher arena if you win and to lower one if you lose.

Watch professional games. Finally, to be like the best you have to learn from the best. Tune into some of the esports tournaments like the recent Paris Major or any of the IEM events that you can find on HLTV. Look at how pros position themselves, aim, and move around the map using techniques like bhopping.

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