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xQc Banned From Twitch Again for Showing Nudity


Félix Lengyel, a top Twitch streamer that goes by the name xQc (also know as xQcOW) was banned after playing an adult-themed video game that displayed nudity. In the game, he played Connect Four with an underdressed woman that eventually removed her bra. The official ban from Twitch is for flashing anime nudity. These bans will typically last one to three days.

The Reason xQc was Banned from Twitch

Full clip description: xQc was playing Connect Four with a digital woman that was dressed in only a bra and underwear. After he won the game, he was brought to a black screen. On the screen it said: “I’ll take off my bra” and an “Ok” button waited under the prompt. He sat there for a moment, considering the choice. Eventually, xQc pushed the “Ok” button and was brought back to the Connect Four room, and the woman was completely topless. He quickly closed the game. That’s right; he actually agreed to show nudity on Twitch.

xQc’s Professional History

xQc originally started as a professional Overwatch player. He played for a few different teams throughout his career but was eventually removed over multiple controversies. The controversies were over his toxicity in-game, which ranged from misuse of Blizzard’s reporting system and chat to throwing a competitive game. He now continues his video game career as a variety streamer. 

This wasn’t the first time xQc got banned for showing nudity while streaming on Twitch. He often watches content suggested by the audience while streaming in the Just Chatting category. One of the videos he watched contained slight nudity and he was banned. Compared to the current ban, where xQc willingly clicked on a prompt knowing that it would lead to nudity, the previous accident was nothing. However, Twitch’s ban hammer still falls with the same strength. His stream will likely be back up in a few days.

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