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Can you Get Banned for Cheating in Raft?


We all want to have it easy sometimes. Since Raft is a single-player game (with a co-op option) this game is not protected by an anti-cheat and you can’t get banned.

There are even mods for the game and some of them can be considered cheating. Like X-Ray in Minecraft.

If you are planning to take a shortcut when playing Raft remember to be careful with files you download. We recommend only verified mods and official cheat commands.

Mods for Raft

RaftModding website with Raft mods
RaftModding website with Raft mods

The easiest way to cheat in Raft is by installing mods. One of the best sites to find Raft mods is RaftModding. You can also use Raft’s Steam page to find mods and discussions about mods.

RaftModding is a dedicated website for Raft mods and don’t worry, they won’t get you banned for using them.

Browse through the website and find what you like. On each page, there will be instructions on how to install the mods. If you want a headstart in choosing mods, here’s what we can recommend:

  • More Storages: Adds new storage options that fit well in the theme of the game. It adds things like wooden boxes, chests, and delivery crates.
  • Item Spawner: This is way more of a cheating mod. As the name says it allows you to spawn in-game stuff. It’s not limited to items, you can even spawn large islands including story-related ones like Utopia.

These should be good enough to start you off. But feel free to explore the rest of the mods to find something that will suit your playstyle.

Raft’s Cheat Commands

One of the more innocent ways of cheating in Raft is the cheat commands. Much like in GTA or The Sims series. Unfortunately, to use these commands you will still need a mod called Modloader.

After that, you can use the F10 key to open the console and enter developer commands.

Character attributes

  • Hunger: /set hunger X
  • Thirst: /set Thirst X
  • Blockhealth: /set Blockhealth X
  • Bonushunger: /set Bonushunger X
  • Gamemode: /set Gamemode X
  • FPS: /set fps X
  • Oxygen: /set Oxygen X

Spawn Items/Animals

  • Shark: /spawn Shark
  • Pufferfish: /spawn pufferfish
  • Stonebird: /spawn stonebird
  • Llama: /spawn llama
  • Goat: /spawn goat
  • Chicken: /spawn chicken
  • Boar: /spawn Boar
  • Landmark big: /spawn landmark_big
  • Landmark pilot: /spawn landmark_pilot
  • Landmarkraft: /spawn landmark_raft
  • Landmark: /spawn landmark

Other Commands

  • Shift: /shift
  • God Mode: /godmode
  • Clear: /clear

For any other commands, you will again have to find a corresponding mod on any of the listed websites.

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