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How to Solve Utopia Puzzles in Raft


You will encounter many islands while sailing the sea on your raft. Puzzles, notes, and a boss fight await you on Raft’s final story-related island, Utopia. We will be walking you through how to solve the puzzles of Raft’s Utopia in this guide.

Reaching Utopia

You will need to reach Utopia before you can solve its puzzles. This is done by progressing through each island before it.

All these islands contain information and lore about the game which are told through voice-acted notes found around the islands. After completing a story island, you will be presented with a code for the next island.

To use the code, the player needs to change the numbers in the receiver while active with 3 antennas. The receiver will then display a blue dot, showing you where to go.

How to Solve Utopia’s Electrical Wire Puzzle

Electrical wire on the two connecting docks at the start of Raft's Utopia, which are needed to solve the first puzzle
Electrical wire locations on the raft’s starting dock

Boxes can be found around the dock which can then be placed to get around Utopia. Use these boxes to climb on top of the buildings and connect the wires to each antenna. If timed right, the boxes can be picked up as the player jumps, to make things a bit easier.

Extra wires can be found on some rooftops and in the bamboo cage.

Tokens can also be found around the entire island which can be used on vending machines.

Follow the pipes and swim to the other dock, which holds the next puzzle, after you have connected all the wires.

How to Solve Utopia’s Water Puzzle

The three water basin puzzles that you need solve by Detto's house on Raft Utopia
Utopia’s three water basins

This is the first proper puzzle. Follow the pipe and you will come to a metal circle in the ground. All the player must do is rotate the pipes so the water can flow through. Try to line up the outer layer so the water goes in. Work inwards from each side and make sure there is an exit connecting to the other side.

Follow the pipes to the water tank which will now be full once completing the water puzzle on Utopia’s second dock. You can collect the carbon dioxide canister needed for the harpoon launcher.

How to Get Entrance Keys

Next, you will need to use the harpoon launcher. It can be found on top of Detto’s house. The harpoon for it is inside Detto’s house. Dig up marked pieces of dirt on the map by the house to find the code for the house.

Use the items that you collected and use the harpoon launcher. This will allow you to take a zipline over to the next section to collect the entrance key.

Once obtaining the key, take the zipline down to the other dock. This should bring you to the entrance door that requires two keys to open.

The other key can be found by continuing around the dock to the large house with a locked door. The key is on the stairs leading to the door. Go back to unlock the door once obtaining the second entrance key and take the lift to the platforms.

Raft's Utopia entrance door requiring two keys found after solving the puzzles
Utopia’s Entrance Door

Where to Find the Hammer in Utopia

Following the right side, you will come across a lever, pull it then continue to the big fan. You must then make it through the obstacle course, bearing in mind timing is key. A hammer is at the end of the obstacle course. Take this back to the start of the obstacle course and climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, you should see a door, since the hammer has been collected, the lock can be broken, allowing access to the building and the next puzzle.

How to Solve Utopia’s Cogwheel Puzzle (Part One)

Raft Utopia cogwheel lift required after you solve the two puzzles
The Cogwheel lift to move Cogwheels past the obstacle course

These will be the two most confusing puzzles to solve in Raft’s Utopia. But with the right information, they become very simple. First of all, you must bring a cogwheel to where the hammer was found.

To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Place two boxes on the right side of the room so you can climb up them
  • place a cogwheel on top of these boxes as you cannot jump while holding them
  • climb up the boxes, take the cogwheel and place it on the right-side platform
  • On the left side at the very top platform, use the weight that has a three on it
  • follow the platform down, then use the weight with a one on it and remove the three
  • finally, use the weight with a two on it and remove the one

Now you can collect the cogwheel and take it to the next puzzle

How to Solve Utopia’s Cogwheel Puzzle (Part Two)

Continue to Utopia’s next cogwheel puzzle with one of the cogwheels. Place the cogwheel on the right tray before having to counter the weight yet again.

Here’s the next set of steps for you to complete the puzzle:

  • Take a cogwheel and place it on the platform before heading to platform six on the other side
  • on platform six, use the weight with a five on it
  • on platform one, use the weight with a one on it
  • on platform five, use the weight with a four on it and remove the one
  • on platform two, use the weight with a two on it and remove the four
  • finally, on platform four, place the weight with a three on it and remove the two

Once finished, take the cogwheels over the bridge and to the little platform next to the lift and use the lever again, place the cogwheel on the platform and send it to the other side. The player must now complete the obstacle course again.

After passing the obstacle course again, collect the cogwheel and place it in the lift, repairing it and allowing you to progress to the final stages, the fight against Olof, Raft’s villain.

Solving Utopia’s puzzles is the finishing line of Raft. But to get there you have to learn quite a few things to safely traverse the endless ocean:

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