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How Many GB is Apex Legends in 2023 (PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation)

Apex Legends size

So you want to download Apex Legends and dive yourself into the world of Mozambiques? An important thing to do beforehand is to check if your device can run Apex Legends and if there is enough space to install it, especially because with updates that size can change. Let’s answer the question of how many gb is Apex Legends in 2022 as of Season 12.

Right off the bat, Apex Legends is quite the heavy game. We have provided the exact size for each platform below but be prepared for a ~60 GB worth of download depending on the platform (except for Nintendo Switch). With a speed of 8 MB/s, it will take about 3 hours to download Apex Legends on PC so we recommend putting it on overnight or while you are off to work or school.

Apex Legends Size on PC

On PC you will need 81.31 GB of space on Origin and 81.19 GB on Steam. For some reason, the size is slightly different on these two platforms but it will not affect you in any way. The download size is 51.91 GB which cuts your download almost twice. The game downloads compressed files and then extracts them into the full size of 80 GB. That is in case you were wondering why the download size is smaller.

If you are using Origin, Apex Legends will be playable once you download 40% (~21 GB) of the game. Once it’s playable you can access the tutorial and training grounds to get to know the weapons and items that are available in the game. On Steam, there is no such an option available.

Apex Legends size on Origin (PC)

Apex Legends Size on Xbox

The total size of Apex Legends on Xbox is 83.5 GB as of Season 12. However, the size can vary a little depending on whether you have a Series X or S console. We were unable to figure out how big of a difference is at the moment but based on the previous data it can be up to 10 GB smaller on Series X. There is no “Playable” option available like in Origin so just put it on the download and take a power nap for a few hours.

Apex Legends Size on PlayStation

Compared to PC and Xbox, PlayStation requires less space for Apex Legends. On PlayStation, Apex Legends requires only 57.11 GB of space. Season 12 “Defiance” required to download 42 GB worth of updates but simultaneously shrunk the total size of apex to 57 GB. This has been noticed to happen only on PS consoles. On Xbox and PC, game sizes are the same as before, even a bit bigger.

Apex Legends Size on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends is way smaller than all the others, only 22.6 GB. That is because of the overall resolution and quality on Switch. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that your stock memory of Switch will not be enough to accommodate Apex Legends especially if you have other games installed.

To solve the storage issue you will need to get yourself a microSD card. The Switch is one of a few devices that is still using them to expand storage. You can find microSD cards on Amazon for as cheap as $16 for 128 GB. And that is from well-known brands like SanDisk or Samsung.

Apex Legends size on Nintendo Switch
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