Do Apex Legends Have Different Speeds/Base Movements?

Have you ever felt like Gibraltar is way too slow compared to someone like Wraith or Octane? For quite some time players thought that legends in Apex have different base speeds. But that is not true. All legends in Apex run at the same base speed. They run at about 7.4 m/s and can cover …

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How to Play Against Friends in Apex Legends?

Random players fill Apex Legends with action. But sometimes you have to settle on who is the best among your friends. To fight your friends you can either head to the Firing Range or create a Private Match. You can’t load into a public game against each other unless you queue up simultaneously and get …

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What Game Engine Does Apex Legends Use?

What Engine Does Apex Legends Use

Apex Legends is a multi-platform game and uses a separate engine for the mobile version. Read on to discover what game engine Apex Legends uses on PC, mobile, and consoles. Apex Legends Engine on PC and Consoles Apex Legends uses the Source engine which was modified heavily and pushed to its limits by Respawn Entertainment, …

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Is Apex Legends Noob Friendly? (How Long to Get Better at It?)

Starting a new multiplayer game sometimes feels like getting rolled over by a tank. Especially if it’s a competitive game like Apex Legends that doesn’t seem too noob friendly at a first glance. But overall, Apex Legends is a very noob-friendly battle royale. We’ll go over a few specific things like movement and looting and …

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How to Crack Your Knuckles in Apex Legends? (Quick Guide!)

The battle is about to begin, crack your knuckles and fight your way to become the Apex Legend. Or just flex when someone is spectating you. To crack your knuckles in Apex Legends, stow your weapons (“3” key by default) and press the weapon inspect button (“N” key by default). Your character will play one …

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What Does Alternate Interact Do in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has a few low-key keybinds not everybody knows about. Since not many Apex Legends players know about them they may not be as useful BUT keybinds like alternate interact can provide value in certain situations. What Does Alternate Interact Do? Alternate interact allows you to pick up an attachment instead of equipping it …

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How to Log Out of Apex Legends on Steam

How to log out of Apex Legends on Steam

There are a few reasons why someone might log out of a Steam account from Apex Legends. For example, someone may have multiple Apex Legends accounts and wish to use another account on Steam. Or perhaps someone wishes to start over with a new account. Regardless of your situation, we’ve got you covered! Logging Out …

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How to Get Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Skydive Emote Horizon

Rushing into battle in Apex Legends will always require players to skydive down from the dropship in the beginning. Players actually have a choice to style their way down using Skydive Emotes. Every character has their own skydive emote and here’s how players can get these emotes in Apex Legends. Where to Get Skydive Emotes …

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Apex Legends: Tips and Tricks to Get Better

apex legends tips and tricks to get better and improve

As with any other competitive FPS, the skill ceiling in Apex Legends is huge. Even professional players who play several hours a day still have room to improve. But it can be difficult to figure out what you need to do to take the next step. To help you out we’ve put together these tips …

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Apex Legends: How to Get Legend Tokens Fast

With each update in Apex Legends, a new Legend arrives to the arena. However, with each new Legend, the demand for more Legend Tokens increases. It can be frustrating earning Legend Tokens but there are ways of streamlining the process. Here’s how to get Legend Tokens fast in Apex Legends. What are Legend Tokens? Legend …

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