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What Does Alternate Interact Do in Apex Legends?


Apex Legends has a few low-key keybinds not everybody knows about. Since not many Apex Legends players know about them they may not be as useful BUT keybinds like alternate interact can provide value in certain situations.

What Does Alternate Interact Do?

Alternate interact allows you to pick up an attachment instead of equipping it to your gun. This is only an option whenever you actually have a weapon that the attachment can go to.

Let’s say you have a 30-30 in your hands but you are not planning to use it while your friend got himself a Longbow. You found a blue sniper stock that your friend might need for the Longbow. And to pick it up you pressed the alternate interact button to put it in your inventory. Because you are worried that otherwise, you will equip the attachment and then throw the gun away since you don’t need it.

30-30 with an option to pick up the sniper stock
30-30 with an option to pick up the sniper stock

Alternate Interact Keybind

And that’s the purpose of the alternate interact. The default keybind for the alternative interact on PC is the “X” key. But you can change that in the settings, by heading to the “Mouse/Keyboard” tab and scrolling down to “Weapons & Abilities”.

Alternate interact keybind in Apex Legends
Alternate interact keybind

Apart from the alternate interact, there are quite a few keybinds you may need to set up before playing Apex Legends. You will get much better at the game when using comfortable keybinds, which is why we have a list of the best Apex Legends keybinds that you can use as a starting point. There are even a few extra tips.

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