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What Game Engine Does Apex Legends Use?

What Engine Does Apex Legends Use

Apex Legends is a multi-platform game and uses a separate engine for the mobile version. Read on to discover what game engine Apex Legends uses on PC, mobile, and consoles.

Apex Legends Engine on PC and Consoles

Apex Legends uses the Source engine which was modified heavily and pushed to its limits by Respawn Entertainment, according to multiple sources. To counteract this, Respawn had to make certain compromises, including adjusting the dynamic display resolution resulting in FPS drops on console and potato PCs.

You may remember this engine from Valve’s titles, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal and Half-Life series, L4D series, and many more. In addition, the same one used for Apex Legends has been used for Titanfall 2.

Unreal Engine 4 software

Apex Legends Engine on iOS and Android

Lightspeed Studios, the developers of the mobile version of Apex Legends, had to use different game engines for iOS and Android. To address this difficulty, they used Epic Games’ tried and tested Unreal Engine 4, which allowed them to create a game on both platforms simultaneously with only minor changes specific to each OS.

On top of that, developing a game in the Unreal 4 engine allows porting the same game to any other platform, including a VR version

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