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How to Crack Your Knuckles in Apex Legends? (Quick Guide!)


The battle is about to begin, crack your knuckles and fight your way to become the Apex Legend. Or just flex when someone is spectating you.

To crack your knuckles in Apex Legends, stow your weapons (“3” key by default) and press the weapon inspect button (“N” key by default). Your character will play one of the two knuckle crack animations.

Knuckle crack animation in-game
Knuckle crack animation in-game

During the animation, your HUD will be limited and you won’t be able to see your ammo, health, shield, and ability status. However, by pressing any button the animation will cancel and the HUD will come back on.

Cracking knuckles when sprinting bug: if you are encountering a problem that you can’t crack your knuckles when sprinting, make sure you are not holding the sprint key. Sprint in Apex Legends works as a toggle and you don’t have to hold the button to carry on running.

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