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How to Get Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Skydive Emote Horizon

Rushing into battle in Apex Legends will always require players to skydive down from the dropship in the beginning. Players actually have a choice to style their way down using Skydive Emotes. Every character has their own skydive emote and here’s how players can get these emotes in Apex Legends.

Where to Get Skydive Emotes

Apex Legends has a few ways to give its players the Skydive Emotes for use during matches. Players can earn these emotes through:

  • Rewards for progressing the free Battle Pass
  • Rewards for progressing the premium Battle Pass
  • Purchasing the emote from the Store if available
  • Rewards for opening event-specific loot packs

Earning the Skydive Emote will automatically equip it to the specific Legend it belongs to. Players will only need to jump into the battle to start using the emote. It is also unlocked permanently and can be used as many times as possible for the player.

How to Use Skydive Emotes

Players will need to hop in a match and drop off from the dropship to use the emote. After dropping, players will have to:

  • Press the Emote shortcut button located at the bottom of the screen
  • Hold the Emote shortcut button if the player owns many emotes for the Legend to choose which one

Hitting the Emote button will make your Legend do a flip and style it up as they fly through the air. The Skydive Emote can be done as long as the Legend is still high up in the air and far from landing to the floor or any tall surface. The emote can also be done when players use a Jump Tower or Valkyrie’s ultimate to fly.

Be sure to remember that Skydive Emotes are purely cosmetic in Apex Legends. The move doesn’t add any bonus stats that improves the Legend’s performance in every match. However, it may be possible to confuse foes trying to shoot you down while your character does acrobatic feats in mid-air.

Other than the Skydive Emote, learning more about Apex Legends can help you last longer in matches and even give you more rewards in the game. Here are some of other guides to help you out:

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