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How to Check How Much Money You’ve Spent on Valorant


Valorant does not have a built-in feature for checking your purchase history. But you can still check how much you’ve spent on Valorant through a dedicated support page.

Buying even the cheapest skins can quickly add up to a reasonable amount of money. So before we move on we just want to remind you to spend your money responsibly and don’t rashly splash on a bunch of skins. Even if you feel like you need all of them.

How Much Have You Spent on Valorant

Let’s be honest, if you play Valorant regularly, you are bound to buy at least a few skins and a Battle Pass or two. Maybe even a knife. Skins in Valorant can be pricey and Radianite Points to upgrade them are even more expensive (please don’t buy them, just use the Battle Pass for Radianite).

To check how much money you’ve spent on Valorant:

  1. Go to the Valorant Support Page
  2. Log in through the red button
  3. Press “Get My Purchase History”
Valoant purchase history Support Page through which you can see how much money you have spent
Valoant purchase history Support Page

Now you will see the total amount on the top and a table of all the purchases you’ve ever made. The details include the amount of VP bought, the payment method (without any card details or emails for reference), and the amount spent.

The table may get a little confusing as some rows have Valorant Points and don’t have the amount or the opposite. Here’s how to read it: after each transaction row, you will see a row with Valorant Points you bought for that money. But some of the older transactions will not have the Valorant Points saved.

Keep this link close if you want to closely manage your spending. Remember that you can refund Valorant Points and unused skins if you want to.

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