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How to Disarm Traps in Ready or Not

Ready Or Not Disarming Traps During A mission

Traps are an essential part of Ready or Not and provide a constant challenge for the players throughout every mission. Although they may seem trivial, they might ruin your day if you don’t pay attention. Here’s how to disarm traps in Ready or Not.

What Are Traps in Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS in the vein of the old SWAT games. The objectives vary from mission to mission, but they all require you to do a few things like save hostages and subdue the bad guys. The game prides itself on how tactical it is and how many gadgets and options the players have to complete missions. For the game to be a challenge, enemies are equipped with just as many tools to take down the players.

One such tool is the traps. They are hazardous devices that can kill or heavily damage you or your teammates. They are set behind doors and, most of the time, require the victims to carelessly open doors without verifying first.

Make sure to run as fast as possible if you trigger a trap.

Ready Or Not Eye On The Ground Device

How to Disarm Traps in Ready or Not

Ready or Not is not an easy game by any means. Even if you’re playing single-player missions, it can be brutal. Players must be on high alert to spot dangers to them or their allies. The traps are one of, if not the biggest, offenders when it comes to ending missions early.

To eliminate a trap, we must disarm it. But, like with most other things in Ready or Not, even disarming a trap requires a few preparation steps.

Ready Or Not Disarming Trap During Mission

First, check under any suspicious or important doors using your “Eye on the Ground.” The Eye on the Ground is a convenient device that allows players to slip a camera under doors and see what’s inside the next room.

If you don’t see any traps, you’re good to go. But, if you do, don’t go barging in. Start your process by unlocking the door first. Then, crack the door open only a little bit until the wire of the trap is visible to you. This will stretch the wire of the trap a little bit but not enough to set it off.

After the wire becomes visible, you will be able to cut it and disarm the trap.


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