Can You Play GTA 5 With a Steering Wheel? (On What Consoles?)

GTA 5 Steering wheel

Since driving is a big part of GTA 5, playing with a steering wheel adds an unmatched level of immersion to the game. However, getting it to run properly is quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we’re here to answer one burning question – Can you play GTA 5 with a …

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How To Upload Pictures to Xbox One from iPhone

Xbox iOS App Features Showcased

Getting your photos onto your Xbox is more complicated than you might think. Although it has improved recently, uploading media from your phone to your Xbox should NOT take this much work. Here’s how to upload pictures to Xbox One from your iPhone. How to Upload Pictures from iPhone to Xbox One via Cloud Apps …

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Can the Nintendo Switch Play 3DS Games?

Nintendo Switch and new 3DS together

The 3DS is one of the most popular consoles of all time that a new generation of fans has completely missed out on it. Many amazing games came out on the system, but can the Nintendo Switch play 3DS games? Can 3DS Games Be Played on Nintendo Switch? The Switch is sadly not backwards compatible …

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How Many Controllers Come With PS5? (Should You Add Another?)

The PS5 is the fastest-selling console in history. It comes as no surprise to know that it’s really hard to get your hands on one. Because of that, many people don’t know what’s in the box. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s good to make an informed choice if you plan on getting one. Here’s …

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How Long is an Average Game in League of Legends?

How long is an average game of league of legends in season 13

League of Legends is one of the most popular games on the planet. Many players love the game due to its quick pick-up-and-play nature of it. If you’re looking for something different in multiplayer games, LoL might be the game for you. But are you ready to sink some time into it? Here’s how long …

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Is League of Legends Pay-to-Win? (Explanation)

is LoL Pay 2 win in 2022?

League of Legends is a complicated game that is hard to understand at times. Couple that with hundreds of skins with different colors and effects and it can be easy to lose sight of what is actually happening. This can lead to frustrating moments that make the game feel unfair. But is League of Legends …

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How To Stop Recording Clips on GTA 5 (All Platforms)

how to stop clip recorder in gta v

Rockstar’s in-game clip recorder and editor is a handy tool if you want to create GTA 5 content or just show off cool moments to your friends. Sometimes the game will start recording when you don’t want it to, which can be annoying. Here’s how to stop recording clips on GTA 5. How To Stop …

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Torchlight Infinite: Best Berserker Build

Best build for berserker in torchlight infinite

The Berserker is one of the most fun classes to play in Torchlight Infinite. With a lot of damage, tankiness, and AOE, he’s one of the best classes to play if you like to take your enemies on up close and personal. The Berserker is also really good at carrying and can easily take on …

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How to Sell Items in Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite how to buy and sell items

Torchlight Infinite has a built-in trade house where players can trade items for currency. Knowing the value of Flame Elementium has become a key skill that every player should have. Here’s how to sell items in Torchlight Infinite. How to get currency in Torchlight Infinite As with most ARPG or MMO-style games with a trade …

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How to Level up Fast in Valorant

How to get high level in Valorat fast

Leveling up is the main way of progressing in Valorant. Whether you like it or not, leveling up is the main way to get operators, unlock Competitive, and a few other things. The level-up process is quite slow, but you can speed it up with a few tips and tricks. Here’s how to level up …

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