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How to Equip Boots in Stardew Valley


While Stardew Valley is far better known for its role-playing experience than its fashion accessories, knowing how to equip items like boots can be really beneficial.

The popular farming simulator offers a large variety of clothing not only to customize your character but also boost certain stats. You can dress your character up in hats, shirts, pants, rings, and boots. However, only the last two can provide an advantage to players. Let’s find out how to equip those boots and boost a character’s stats in Stardew Valley.

Screenshot of players inventory in Stardew Valley
Players inventory in Stardew Valley

How to Equip Boots in Stardew Valley

To equip boots in Stadrew Valley follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Be sure to have boots in your inventory
  3. If any kind of footwear is already in the slot, move it to the inventory
  4. Place the desired boots in the empty slot
  5. Strut around town in some snazzy boots and check out that stat boost!

Where to Find Boots in Stardew Valley

There are several locations where boots can be collected in Stardew Valley and funnily enough, most of them are not available for purchase in Pelican Town.

  • Adventurer’s Guild:  Located East of the Mines, this shop is where players can purchase weapons, rings, and boots. Their opening times are from 2 PM to 10 PM.
  • Mine Chest Rewards: Rewards are given almost every ten floors of the mines. While the rewards can differ each time, sometimes players can get boots!
  • Crates and Barrels in the Mines: Crates and Barrels are in various locations throughout the mines in Stardew Valley. It’s advantageous to search every single one, there could be boots or other valuable items.
  • Monster Drops: Slaying monsters is a great way to collect various items. Sometimes boots will drop to the ground once one has been killed.
  • Fishing Treasure Chests: Fishing can sometimes result in finding a treasure chest. Their contents vary, with some giving players incredibly valuable and rare items. Boots can sometimes be found in them!
  • Skull Cavern: This mine is located in the desert and is filled with rare and strange items, including boots.
  • Volcano Dungeon Shop:  The Volcano Dungeon was added in an update and is a great place to find two pairs of rare boots.
Screenshot of player equipped with Dragonscale boots
Player with Dragonscale boots equipped

Best Boots to Wear in Stardew Valley

As mentioned earlier boots give your character a stat boost. Here is each pair of boots and the boost that will be applied by wearing them.

Item Stats
Space Boots Defense (+4) Immunity (+4)
Genie Shoes  Defense (+1)  Immunity (+6)
Emily’s Magic Boots  Defense (+4)  Immunity (+4)
Cinderclown Shoes Defense (+6)  Immunity (+5)
Mermaid Boots Defense (+5)  Immunity (+8)
Dragonscale Boots Defense (+7)


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