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How to Gather Impression in Sims 4

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Any kind of creative work requires inspiration and impressions to develop something groundbreaking. A career as a Style Influencer is no exception. This career offers not only a good paycheck but also a great deal of freedom in how to develop yourself off working hours. Something that you will have to eventually do to progress the career ladder of a Style Influencer is to gather impressions. Here’s how to gather impression in Sims 4.

Working as a Style Influencer

Style Influencer career in Sims 4
Style influencer career

Gathering impression is a part of the Style Influencer career path. As a creative mind who works on new designs and outfits there is a lot of discussing and testing to create a perfect style.

The way the career as a Style Influencer works is that you have your promotion goals and daily tasks. Goals are usually based around improving a certain skill. And a daily task is a repetitive task that will speed up your promotion. Your first daily task will be discussing outfits and fashion with other Sims. But apart from all that you can do things like writing articles or style columns to improve your work performance.

With every promotion, you will get a useful item like a sketch pad or style board. Those will be kept in Sim’s or building inventories depending on an item. This will be really important once you start gathering impressions,

Gathering Impression

Impression board and impression gathering
Impression board and impression gathering

The sixth promotion offers you to choose a branch to work in. In the Style Influencer career, there are two branches: Trend Setter and Stylist. If you chose Trend Setter your new daily task will be gathering impressions.

Impressions come in different forms from different sources. Many different sources. That’s the beauty of working in creative careers. There are many options and here are only some of them:

  • Do a quick impression on the sketch pad.
  • Paint an art piece, hang it on the wall and assess it.
  • Take an impression photo on your camera.
  • Browse art on the computer.
  • Ask for another sim to model.

There are many more so feel free to explore all career-related actions and items to potentially find new sources for impressions. But whatever you decide to do, after doing it you will receive a moodlet acknowledging that the impression is gathered. So far the daily task progress is 50% and many players get confused with what to do next.

You need to put the impression on the Trending Style-board. If you don’t have it hanging at your house yet make sure to put it somewhere, preferably in the office if you have one. The board can be found in the building inventory as it is considered an item of furniture.

Click on the board and choose “Add Impression”. Your sim will come over and add a few notes and sketches to the board. The more often you complete the quest, or just gather impressions outside of work duties, the more colorful and diverse the board will be. There will be posters, sketches, notes, images, collages, color palettes, all making your workplace look even more like a creative workshop.

Style Influencer is one of the most interesting careers in Sims 4 and now that you know how to gather impression as a Trend Setter, it’s time for you to got and turn the city into the definition of fashion. In case you didn’t know, the results of your work will affect the style of clothing of other Sims living in the town. So go and make them look beautiful.

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