How to Show Hidden Objects (DEBUG CHEAT) in The Sims 4

The sims 4 Hidden items

There are many things to do and items to use in The Sims 4. But did you know using the debug cheat you can view unique objects that would otherwise be hidden from the build and buy menus? How to Show Hidden Objects on PC You need to enable cheats before being able to access …

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How To Build a Second Floor in Sims 4

How to Build a second floor in The Sims 4 Featured image

Knowing how to build a second floor in The Sims 4 is vital to any player as you’ll eventually want to grow your family or make some room for more of your hobbies. It’s fairly simple to do and ideal for homeowners wanting to build vertically as opposed to horizontally. So let’s jump right in …

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How To Make Half Cabinets in The Sims 4

How to build half cabinets and use rounded corners in The Sims 4

Whether you’re redecorating your kitchen or settling into a new one, you will need to know how to make half cabinets in The Sims 4. This might seem simple on the surface, but there’s a specific setting you need to know about. How To Make Half Cabinets in The Sims 4 Before you can make …

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The Sims 4: How to Have More than 8 Sims in a Household 

An enormous group of Sims

Raising a family and enriching a Sim’s life is a goal for many players of The Sims 4. Unfortunately, the base game won’t let you have more than 8 Sims in a single The Sims 4 household.  Luckily, you can get around this limit with the Full House mod. We’ll run you through how to …

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How to Start a Fire in The Sims 4

A Sim in his home, starting a fire.

The Sims 4 can be a chaotic time, especially if you start a fire and let your Sims deal with it. Knowing how to start a fire is important, especially if you feel like stirring things up. Here’s how you start a fire in The Sims 4. Create the Fire Hazard Yourself You’ve got several …

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How to Unlock Locked Items in The Sims 4

If you’re curious to know how to unlock locked items in The Sims 4 then you’re in the right place. There are a ton of items in the game that aren’t available from the start or aren’t available at all without a few tricks. As you play through the game and get better at a …

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The Sims 4: How to Edit Pre Existing Sims in CAS

Ever wondered how to edit pre existing sims in Sims 4? Other than being able to customize your surroundings like the university you attend or the home you live in, you might want to make some changes to your character from their eye color to their personality.  At a glance, this may not seem possible, …

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How to Get Rid of Money in The Sims 4

the sims 4 pizza delivery exchange

Getting rid of money in The Sims 4 is a requirement in challenges such as the Rags to Riches challenge. Players who manage to become the sims equivalent of billionaires may often find that the game becomes too easy. While making money in The Sims 4 can be easy for some, getting rid of money …

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How to Place Objects Anywhere in The Sims 4

the sims 4 living room build using move objects cheats

Whether a player has an interest in building or interior design, The Sims 4 offers a variety of ways to move objects into the ideal space. Newer players may often find that they are limited with where they can place objects. Players, however, can remove this limitation by learning how to place objects anywhere in …

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The Sims 4: How to Cure Weed

A large plantation of cannabis in The Sims 4

To deal weed in The Sims 4, you’ll first have to cure it. There’s no better way to move away from the wholesome family-raising normality of The Sims, and make some money while doing so. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be using the popular Basemental Drugs mod, as it’s the most popular way …

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