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How To Make Half Cabinets in The Sims 4

How to build half cabinets and use rounded corners in The Sims 4

Whether you’re redecorating your kitchen or settling into a new one, you will need to know how to make half cabinets in The Sims 4. This might seem simple on the surface, but there’s a specific setting you need to know about.

How To Make Half Cabinets in The Sims 4

Before you can make half cabinets in Sims 4 you need to disable the Auto Counters feature. This is enabled by default when you first begin playing.

  1. Open build mode and find cabinets in the kitchen category
  2. Click on the cabinet you want to use and go into swatches
  3. Turn Auto Counters off by clicking the gear icon

You are now able to use the full range of styles for the cabinet. As well as half cabinets you can place end pieces, corner pieces, and full cabinets anywhere in your kitchen

Setting to disable Auto Counters and make half cabinets in The Sims 4
You need to disable the Auto Counters feature to make half cabinets (Credit: Simarchy)

The Auto Counters feature automates the way cabinets are placed within your home. So instead of giving you the full range of cabinets and other kitchen items. You are given the base form of the item and the game decides when it should become a half cabinet, corner cabinet, and so on.

Removing this setting by turning it off gives you the full list of all kitchen furniture types and their variations. This lets you decide how you want your kitchenware to look. You can also change the size of the furniture if you don’t quite have enough room for everything.

How To Use Rounded Corners in The Sims 4

As mentioned before, unchecking the Auto Counters setting gives us full access to all variants of the furniture we want to use. This means you simply need to choose your item, such as a cabinet or corner piece. And from the list of variants for that item, choose the option with rounded corners. Then simply place it down where it needs to go.

Using rounded corners in the Sims 4 after auto counters has been disabled
After disabling Auto Counters you have access to rounded corner variants of all your favorite kitchen furniture items (Credit: Simarchy)

You can even use these settings to create a large kitchen island with rounded counters. Simply choose a kitchen island and snap together the necessary pieces to create an eat-in kitchen.

It’s fair to say that these surfaces and their variants are incredibly simple to use. But they’re also easy to overlook when “Auto Counters” is enabled. If you use them and take the time to place a few clutter items such as flowers, paintings etc. They can go a long way toward making your kitchen feel lived in and more natural in The Sims 4.

Now that your kitchen is all set and ready for guests and family. Why not check out our guide on how to have more than 8 Sims in a household to really make your house feel like home.

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