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How to Get Crimson (Exotic Hand Cannon) in Destiny 2

How to get Crimson in Destiny 2 - Crimson in inventory.

Figuring out how to get Crimson in Destiny 2 is a nightmare. The game doesn’t tell you how to get individual Exotics, and a lot of them come from quests and other activities that are specific to the weapon. Crimson isn’t like that, but getting it is all about luck.

We’re going to go over how to get Crimson in Destiny 2, how to get its Catalyst, and whether or not the gun is actually any good. If you’ve been struggling to get your hands on it, we can’t help your luck, but we can offer an explanation.

How to Get Crimson in Destiny 2

How to get Crimson in Destiny 2 - Crimson in the world loot pool.
Image via Bungie

Unfortunately, Crimson is in the Exotic weapon world pool. That means the only way to get Crimson in Destiny 2 is to get lucky with either an Exotic drop or an Exotic Engram. As of Season of the Seraph, it is not possible to buy it from the Exotic Kiosk. The only way to get Crimson without relying on RNG is to buy it from Xur one of the weeks he’s selling it – which is also random.

As is the case with all Exotic world drop weapons, you can get Crimson from an Exotic Engram, or as a reward for completing an activity like a Strike or Crucible match – it’s entirely random, and there’s no real way to farm for it beyond grinding out Strike after Strike, which is pointless since so many other activities drop it, anyway.

Just remember that your Season Pass has a lot of Exotic Engrams on it, so don’t forget to open them in the hopes that one of them drops a Crimson.

How to Get the Crimson Catalyst in Destiny 2

How to get Crimson in Destiny 2 - Crimson Catalyst active on weapon.
Image via Bungie

To get the Crimson Catalyst in Destiny 2, you first need to own a Crimson. Without the Hand Cannon in your collections, it won’t drop. Once you do have a Crimson, the Catalyst is a random drop from non-Guardian enemies in the system. So, you get it for killing enemies in PvE.

Beyond that, it’s random when it will actually drop. Once it does, though, you’ll need to get 300 precision kills with Crimson to activate it.

The Catalyst gives Crimson +18 range. That’s not massive as far as potential Catalyst effects go, but a range boost on a Hand Cannon is always welcome.

What Does Crimson do in Destiny 2?

Crimson being used in Prophecy.
Image via Bungie

Crimson is a three-round burst Hand Cannon. It’s a kinetic weapon, so it doesn’t take up your elemental slot, which is a bonus. When you get a kill with Crimson, it automatically starts your health regeneration – granted at a slow pace, and being damaged cancels the regen. Also, if you get a precision kill, it refills the magazine.

Crimson’s uses are severely limited by the little fact that getting damaged cancels the regen. That cuts its potential use cases down dramatically, but it still has a place in the game – mainly as a solo survivability tool.

All three classes have a subclass focused on solo survivability. For Warlocks, it’s Void. Same for Hunters, and it’s more Solar on Titan. If you’re running anything but those three, Crimson can be a powerful tool to keep in your back pocket – just in case you find yourself struggling to stay alive in something like a Dungeon or Nightfall.

Beyond that, Crimson isn’t too great. Don’t let that stop you from finding a use for it, though.

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