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How to Get Iron in Stardew Valley

How to Get Iron in Stardew Valley

Iron is a key element in crafting in Stardew Valley, but it has a variety of other uses as well. You can find iron ore in the mines and process it into bars at the local blacksmith’s shop. But where’s the best place to look for this stuff?

What is Iron Used For in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, you can use Iron Ore for just about anything—and we mean anything. You can upgrade your tools (tier two upgrade), craft rings, make explosive ammo and bee houses, build sprinklers, kegs, and recycling machines, create iron lamp-posts, and much more.

Iron Ore in Stardew Valley

If you decide to gift an iron ore to someone in Stardew Valley, Maru and Clint will be delighted. Sam, however, will not be as thrilled with your generosity; he hates the idea of it, just like most of the other NPCs.

Finally, If you wish to complete “The Blacksmith’s Bundle,” you’ll need to place an iron bar into the boiler room.

All Methods of Getting Iron Ore and Bars in Stardew Valley

Unlike coal, which is much easier to find in Stardew Valley, getting Iron is more challenging due to its rarity. Below, you’ll find a list of all available methods of getting Iron in Stardew Valley, whether it’s iron ore or iron bars.


To get iron ore in Stardew Valley, you can dig for it in mines, but you’ll find the highest concentration of iron nodes between levels 41 and 79. If a quarry is more your style, you can also hit up one of the many quarries found in Stardew Valley; however, mines are more profitable.

Lastly, you can mine iron ore in the Skull Cavern.

Mining for Iron in caves.

Destroying Crates and Barrels in Mines

While you’re already on the lookout for iron nodes in mines, why not destroy crates and barrels that you stumble upon? They may contain Iron Ore, although the drop chances are quite low, and you’ll usually find coal or other items.

Destroying barrels and crates in mines.

Monster Drops

Some Stardew Valley monsters, such as Iron Golems, Metal Heads, and Dust Sprites, can drop Iron Ores. You’ll find them on floors 80 to 119 of the mines, but note that not every monster has the same chance of dropping an ore.

Monsters will also drop iron in Stardew Valley.


Fishing for iron ore in Stardew Valley is a two-part process. The first way is to fish for treasure chests, which may contain the sought-after mineral in some cases. The second method is to recycle your fishing trash—which has a 21% chance of dropping iron ore.

Fishing can be another source of iron in Stardew Valley.

Tilling the Mines’ Soil

The idea is to dig up dirt at mines, use a pickaxe to get items if there are any, and then repeat this process over and over until you find the iron you so desire. But be warned—items you find will never be guaranteed in Stardew Valley. So don’t expect to find an unlimited source of iron ore using this approach.

Tilling the mines' soil is another way to get it.

Breaking Geodes

If you have geodes in your inventory, head over to the Blacksmith who will crack them open for you. On the off chance that it contains iron ore, it will do so with some regularity, although it’s not guaranteed that it will drop any.

Cracking up geodes can also award you with precious rewards.


In Stardew Valley, you can get iron ore by panning for it in ponds and rivers with your copper pan. However, other methods are much more reliable if you wish to acquire iron ore.

Panning is not a good way of getting it.

Garbage Cans

If you’re willing to rummage through garbage cans for iron ore in Stardew Valley, this is another way to get it. But don’t expect miracles; you’ll be lucky to find it once in a few tries.

Garbage cans should be avoided.

Purchasing Iron in Stardew Valley

The cost of an iron bar in Stardew Valley depends on where you purchase it. You can buy one from a blacksmith for 150 gold per piece, or you might find one at the Travelling Cart for anywhere between 100 and 1000 gold.

If you choose to buy an iron bar, we advise you to do so only as a last resort. After all, it is quite expensive.

You can always purchase iron, but it's very expensive.

How To Smelt Iron Ore in Stardew Valley?

Let’s see what exactly is required to smelt iron ore into a bar. To do that, you’ll need to place five iron ore into the furnace and one coal for fuel. Additionally, you can also use the “Transmute (Fe)” crafting recipe and turn three copper bars into one iron bar.

It takes two hours in-game to smelt iron ore in the furnace. The “transmute (Fe)” crafting recipe is available when you reach level four at Mining.

Iron is one of many starting resources you will need when building your farm. And the more you play the wider range of needed materials will be:

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