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How to Get Kegs in Stardew Valley

how to get kegs in stardew valley

Most players’ lives in Stardew Valley revolve around farming and harvesting crops. Players can grow different kinds of crops and use them according to their needs. However, players need to have additional pieces of equipment, like the watering can, to get the best out of these crops, giving them monetary benefits. That said, Kegs are handy items in Stardew Valley, and here’s how you can get them in-game.

Crafting a Keg in Stardew Valley

ingredients to craft a keg in stardew valley
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The Stardew Valley players can craft various items to make their in-game life easier and more profitable. These crafted items are called Artisan Equipments. The Keg is one of the crafted items that fall under this category, which can turn numerous crops into various Artisan Drinks. Further, these Artisan Drinks can be sold for a good amount of fortune in the game.

To craft the recipe for Kegs, you must reach level 8 in farming. Once you get to that level, you can craft the Keg with these ingredients:

  • 30 Wood
  • Copper Bar x 1
  • Iron Bar x 1
  • Oak Resin x 1

Now, you have to collect these items in the game to craft a fine Keg!


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Wood is one of the primary resources in Stardew Valley, and players can chop down the trees or some logs to collect wood. With these many trees in the game, it may seem like you’re getting countless lots of wood, though it can be time-consuming to stack up on a decent amount of wood at once.

Copper Bar

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Copper Bars are essential items during the early phase of the game. A Copper Bar is created by using:

  • 5 Copper Ore
  • 1 Coal (as fuel)

The above items need to be smelt in the furnace for 30 in-game minutes to get a single bar of Copper.

Iron Bar

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To obtain Iron, you need to extract it from Iron Ores, commonly found inside the mines in Stardew Valley. Iron Bars come in handy for various crafting purposes or upgrading tools to level 3. To create a single bar of Iron, you need to have the following ingredients. 

  • 5 Iron Ore
  • 1 Coal (as fuel)

Put these Items into the furnace for about two in-game hours. You can also create a single Iron bar with 3 Copper Bars if you know about crafting Transmute.

Oak Resin

oak tree stardew valley
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Oak Resin is a sticky, fragrant substance obtained from Oak Trees. Players can find these Oak Trees on the Farm or Cindersap Forest. First, you need to craft a Tapper if you aim to get this Oak Resin. For that, you need to have:

  • 40 Wood
  • 2 Copper Bars

Once you craft a Tapper, place it on Oak Tree and wait for 7-8 in-game days to get the Resin.

What Can You Make With Kegs in Stardew Valley

Players can make several drinks using the Kegs to achieve great health benefits and energy. Moreover, you can make a good amount of money by selling these drinks.

BeerBeer is produced by putting wheat inside a keg for a day.Wheat200g50 Energy
22 Health
Typsy Buff( decrease Speed by 1)
CoffeeCoffee is produced by putting five coffee beans in a Keg and waiting for about 2 hours to craft. It smells delicious and indeed gives you a boost.Coffee Beans150g3 Energy
Restore 1 Health
Increase speed by 1
Green TeaGreen tea is made using tea leaves, which take 3 hours to craft. It is a pleasant, energizing beverage.Tea Leave100g13 Energy
4 Health
Increase Max Energy by 30
JuiceJuice is made using vegetables, which take 4 hours to craft. It’s a sweet and nutritious beverage.Any Vegetable2.25 × base Vegetable price75 Energy
33 Health
WineWine is an Artisan Drink crafted from fruits when put into the Keg and takes 7 days to craft. AnyFruit3 × base Fruit price50 Energy
Restore 2 Health
Typsy Buff( decrease Speed by 1)


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