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How to Refill Watering Can in Stardew Valley

Watering Can in Stardew Valley

We all know that Stardew Valley is much deeper than a farming game. Although the story of the game starts with the letter of our grandfather who left his farm to us, there are hundreds of different things we learn as we play. However, it is also possible to just farm without dealing with other details. And when it comes to farming, watering is important. So, let’s take a look at the How to Refill Watering Can in Stardew Valley guide together.

While there are many watering methods in the game, the Watering Can is one of the most traditional and safest. You can carry it with you and fill it easily. When it is not raining, it is your biggest helper.

How to Refill Watering Can

It is very simple to fill the watering can, which will be your biggest helper from the beginning of the game. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select your Watering Can from your inventory.
  • Then go to nearest lake or pond. It doesn’t need to be big.
  • While Watering Can equipped, click to water for interact with it.

That’s it. If you have a pond close to your house, this method will help you for a while. When you start farming in a larger area, you’ll need to use a more advanced Watering Can which you can upgrade yours in Blacksmith.

Pond in Stardew Valley
Source: Nico-Kun, Stardew Valley’s Steam Community

How to Upgrade Watering Can

As we just said, you can’t carry a lot of water with it to begin with. But isn’t the best thing about Stardew Valley to upgrade? You can improve your watering can as well as all your items. For this, go to Pelican Town, which you will visit often, and find Clint the Blacksmith. Clint will provide you with great upgrades throughout the game. Talk to him about the watering can.

While your Beginner Watering Can can only hold 40 units of water, an overpowered one will still come as you develop it. You should definitely make these upgrades, especially if farming is going to be your main job.

  • Copper Watering Can: 55 Units Water + 3 Tiles
  • Steel Watering Can: 70 Units Water + 5 Tiles
  • Gold Watering Can: 85 Units Water + 3×3 Tiles
  • Iridium Watering Can: 100 Units Water + 6×3 Tiles

Now that you’ve learned how to fill your Watering Can, you’ll want to upgrade soon. Because as you open larger farming areas, your water needs will increase. The shortest way for this is to do the upgrades, the details of which we have written above. Do not look at the high prices, you can earn back by selling agricultural products in a short time.

Once you have the following materials and money, go to Clint’s Blacksmith shop and ask him to make the upgrades.

  • Watering Can -> Cooper Watering Can: 2000 Gold + 5 Copper Bar
  • Cooper Watering Can -> Steel Watering Can: 5000 Gold + 5 Iron Bar
  • Steel Watering Can -> Gold Watering Can: 10.000 Gold + 5 Gold Bar
  • Gold Watering Can -> Iridium Watering Can: 25.000 Gold + 5 Iridium Bar

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