What is Vitality in Elden Ring

Even ordinary NPCs can be deadly in Elden Ring if you don't have High Vitality.

While dealing more damage may seem like the flashier option, surviving is everything. And that’s where Vitality in Elden Ring comes in.

How to Stream Snipe in Warzone 2

A guide with all the information about Stream Sniping in Warzone 2.

Stream sniping is when players watch someone else’s game and use that information to gain an unfair advantage. It started with people peeping over other people’s screens in Internet cafes, and is now happening in online games as well. In this article, we’ll look at stream sniping in Warzone 2, tips for streamers to avoid …

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How to Get (Play) Roblox on PS4

An image of Roblox's new logo and a white Playstation 4 standing side by side.

Roblox is playable on almost all platforms. We say “almost” because the game is not officially available on Sony consoles. This is the reason why you can’t play Roblox on PS4 and PS5, even if many articles or Youtube videos claim otherwise. How to Login Roblox on PS4 It’s a bit annoying that Roblox is …

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How to Make Cement in 7 Days to Die

Making cement in 7 Days to Die is simple.

Before you learn the art of building, you must get the materials you need. You’ll do that by learning how to make cement in 7 Days to Die.

Trader Locations in 7 Days to Die

Trader zones may appear differently in 7 Days to Die.

The golden rule of survival against zombies isn’t weapons, but wealth. You can have it by learning trader locations in 7 Days to Die.

5 Best Mods for Ready or Not

These mods will make your Ready or Not experience better.

Check out 5 Best Mods for Ready or Not to make your tactical FPS experience even better. These mods make the game better.