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How to Make Half Tiles in the Sims 4

By: Adam
Examples of half tiles in The sims 4

Did you know you actually use a method to make a half tiles effect in the Sims 4? Here’s how to improvise a half tile effect using a trick.

There are plenty of things you might want to customise heavily in your ideal Sims 4 home. The floor is an obvious start for any build, and while it’s not obvious how to do so, you can customise the ground tilework to really suit your preferences via the use of half tiles and quarter tiles.

How to make half tiles in the Sims 4

Half-tiles are actually fairly awkward in the Sims 4, as there is no way to make them directly. That doesn’t mean they can’t be made, however – it just needs an extra step to achieve it.

full tile placement in the sims 4
Screenshot by Gamezo

With a floor tile selected, a keybind is available to adjust how you’ll place the tile in Sims 4.

By default, you’ll place the full square tile. However, if you press either F5 or CTRL and F at the same time, you’ll adjust modes. Specifically, this will adjust it to placing one-quarter of a full tile at a time.

quarter tiling in the sims 4
Screenshot by Gamezo

While not quite half-tiling on its own, the Sims 4 doesn’t support it directly as I mentioned before.

Use these quarter-tiles to combine into larger fragment tiles, such as half-tiles. You can use this to effectively mix multiple tile types together to create designs otherwise not supported.

You can remove the outer edge to create an inner diamond using one style of tiles. Alternatively, you can do it the other way around, and remove the inner part of the tile so that you only have the border of that type left behind.

Examples of half tiles in The sims 4
Screenshot by Gamezo

In the quick example shown, it doesn’t look particularly amazing. But using combinations of different styles of tile, you can make some very appealing visual designs using this little trick.

Be aware that CTRL-F and F5 seemingly both work for different people on various forums, but seemingly only one will work for each person. It’s not actually clear why this is, given the Sims 4 doesn’t support custom keybinds for people to have changed it. In any case, just try both out to find out which key is the quarter-tile toggle for you. Make sure you have floor tiles selected before trying those keybinds though, as they won’t do anything without a floor tile selected.

Ultimately how much use you can get out of this comes down to how you mix different tile types. As well as how you mix the quarter tiles in with each other too, of course. If you wanted to go crazy you could just make a rainbow of different tile types in a single square.

Though I have my doubts on how good that’ll look, personally.

While quarter tiles like this aren’t quite the ability to place half tiles directly into the Sims 4, much like those custom keybinds mentioned earlier it seems that we simply don’t have that feature right now. You can use this as a workaround to allow you to design the floor you want to see though, which is better than not having the option at all.

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