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How to Smelt in Stardew Valley

how to smelt in stardew valley

Stardew Valley isn’t short of activities and jobs to keep the players immersed in the game. While players can make wine and store it in their kegs in Stardew Valley, they can also extract metals out of their ores and smelt them to get valuable items. So, if you’re looking to smelt metals in Stardew Valley, we’ve got you covered in our guide and listed all the things you need to start this process.

How to Start Smelting in Stardew Valley

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Smelting in Stardew Valley is the process of extracting the base metal from the ores by heating them at a high temperature. Players can obtain these ores from nodes, geodes, and mystic stones. Players also must have a furnace to carry out the smelting process.

Further, for smelting, players need to interact with the furnace having the desired ore in their hand and fuel the furnace with coal. Fueling is necessary to ensure the smelting procedure. However, a furnace utilizes only one unit of coal for smelting one resource.

Here are the two crucial things you need to start smelting metals in Stardew Valley:


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The furnace is an enclosed structure used to smelt ores into bars. These bars are useful in diverse crafting recipes of different items. But, a furnace is not a readily available item, and players must craft it using a blueprint.

With the players making progress in Stardew Valley, they also receive rewards after specific task completions. Similarly, when a player gets coal in his inventory, Clint sends the blueprint for the furnace. It requires 25 pieces of stone and 20 pieces of Copper Ore to craft the furnace.

As one can craft multiple furnaces, players can place them anywhere in the Stardew Valley. For convenience, players must place a furnace and a chest on the entrance of the mines. This ensures the smooth run of the production process, and players can timely empty their inventory to get more resources from the mines.


Coal is one of the primary resources of Stardew Valley, and players can obtain it in many ways. It is readily found in rocks and Dust Sprites. Therefore, players can find it by the conventional method of exploring mines. Also, players can purchase coal from Clint at the Blacksmith shop. 

Coal is also amongst the resources found in the Fishing Treasure Chests, and players can also recycle trash to produce it. Additionally, with panning, players receive coal as a by-product of metal ores. Finally, players can also use the Charcoal Kiln to convert ten pieces of wood into one piece of coal.

Which Ores to Smelt in Stardew Valley

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Since the beginning of this guide, there’s been mentioning of ores, but how many ores are there in Stardew Valley? Or, are there any other resources that can be smelt in a furnace?

There are only five types of ores — Copper ore, Iron ore, Iridium ore, Gold ore, and Radioactive ore found in Stardew Valley. These ores are smelted into bars, and further, the bars come in handy in various ways.

Apart from the ores, other resources like Bouquet, Quartz, and Fire Quartz can also be smelt in a furnace to produce valuable products. So, the amount of items that one can smelt in a furnace is eight items.

What Do We Receive From Smelting Different Items

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  • One Bouquet converts into one Wilted Bouquet. It takes about ten in-game minutes to smelt and sells for 100g.
  • One Quartz converts to one Refined Quartz. It takes one and a half hours to smelt and sells for 50g.
  • One Fire Quartz yields three Refined Quartz. It takes the same time as Quartz.
  • Five Copper ore gives one Copper Bar. It kills around 30 minutes and sells for only 60g.
  • Five Iron ore gives one Iron Bar. It consumes 120 minutes and sells for 120g.
  • Five Iridium ore transforms into one Iridium Bar. This process takes eight hours, and the bar sells for 1000g.
  • Five Gold ore converts into one Gold Bar. This is a five-hour process, and the bar sells for 250g.
  • Five Radioactive ore converts to one Radioactive Bar. It takes ten hours to smelt and sells for 3000g. It is rare in nature, and selling it is not a good option.

Where To Find Metal Ores in Stardew Valley

Although Stardew Valley players can get a hold on various ores from several locations, including treasure chests and breakable barrels, the following are the locations where players can find them in abundance:

  • Players can get Copper ore from the Copper Nodes that are found in mines and the quarry. Mines have a dense amount of Copper Nodes on floors 2 to 39.
  • Iron Nodes contain Iron ores, and mining one node yields up to three Iron ores. These nodes are available on floors 41 to 79 of the mines.
  • Iridium ore is held in Iridium Nodes, Mystic Stones, and Geodes. As it is a rare resource in Stardew Valley, it’s challenging for players to obtain its required amount. Check out how to get Iridium in Stardew Valley.
  • Gold Nodes are a potential source of Gold ore. It resides in mines at levels 80 above. Also, when slain, ghosts have a 20% chance of dropping up to 3 Gold ores.
  • Radioactive ore is one of the rarest resources in Stardew Valley. The reason being is only found in the mines and skull cavern quests. Engage in the quests to gain Radioactive ores and fulfill its requirement.
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