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How To Unbind Keys in Destiny 2

How to unbind keys in Destiny 2 - keybind menu.

Want to know how to unbind your keys in Destiny 2? It’s really simple, although Bungie doesn’t do the best job of highlighting just how customizable Destiny 2’s settings and controls are. We’re going to go over how to unbind your Destiny 2 keys with a simple two-step process.

Remember to always be careful when you’re messing with your keybinds. You can’t do any permanent damage, but it can be a headache if you mess it up.

Open Up Your Settings in Destiny 2

The first step to unbinding your keys in Destiny 2 is to actually open up your key settings. You’re looking for the keyboard and mouse section of the settings tab, which you can access by hitting Escape or by navigating right, towards the gear icon, from your inventory screen.

You’ll also find a section for controllers here. If you have one connected, you can also modify its binds, if you want to.

Set a Random Key to the Key You Want to Unbind

Once you’ve navigated to the right section of the settings screen, you should be able to see a long list of every single one of your keybinds.

Now, it’s not possible to just outright delete a keybind. However, there’s a very simple workaround for that. Destiny 2 won’t let two actions have the same key bind. So, if you set a new action’s bind to be the same key as an old action, that old action will have that keybind removed. If that was the only key that could perform that action, it will be completely unbound.

For example, if you wanted to unbind “S” from moving backward (for some reason), you could set walk forward to “S” instead of “W”. That will unbind “S” from moving backward. You can then set walk forward back to “W”, and walk backward will remain unbound.

Unbinding keys in Destiny 2 is as simple as that. Just make sure you don’t accidentally unbind something while messing with your keys.

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