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How To Manually Save Your Game in Stardew Valley Easily

How to Manually Save The Game in Stardew Valley - Step-by-step Guide

After all the hard work on your farm and around it, the last thing you’d want is to lose your progress in Stardew Valley. That’s when the save game mechanism comes into play. It allows you to save your progress and continue where you previously left off.

Stardew Valley doesn’t have an auto-save feature or the option to save from your options menu. So how do you save the game in Stardew Valley?

Saving Your Game in Stardew Valley

Here’s what you’ll need to do to save your game in Stardew Valley manually:

  1. Go to your bedroom inside the house on your farm (you can do so at any time, and you won’t need to wait for the night)
  2. Head to your bed, and the character will get covered in sheets
  3. Once you get a prompt asking you to sleep, select “Yes”
Sleeping in Stardew Valley
  1. The screen will turn black, and you’ll get a notification in the lower left corner confirming you’ve saved your progress
Notification you get when you've successfully saved your game
Once you see this, rest assured that your game is saved

Alternative Ways to Save Your Game

The only exception in which Stardew Valley will automatically save the game for you is if your character collapses from exhaustion or collapses after 2 AM. If you quit the game without going to bed, you will lose all your progress. This can be a big issue for players living in areas where the power goes out suddenly.

When it comes to the multiplayer, the game will save only after all players in co-op have clicked through their prompts at the end of the day. Other than this, there are no other ways to accomplish this in Stardew Valley. This will likely remain unchanged, as there won’t be any new updates for Stardew Valley.

How To Load the Game in Stardew Valley?

Once you’ve saved a game in Stardew Valley and want to continue playing, head to the game’s main menu and select the “Load” option.

You’ll find all your saved games there, along with other relevant information, such as the current amount of gold. Simply click on a preferred saved game, and you’ll hop in right where you left off!

And there you have it! Now that you’ve learned how to save and load the game in Stardew Valley, you’ll definitely want to learn useful stuff like the best places to fish in Stardew Valley or how to cook in Stardew Valley.

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