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Does Ready or Not Have PvP?

Does Ready or Not Have PvP?

Many Ready Or Not players are wondering whether the game has a PvP mode, and finding the accurate answer may be challenging. This article will throw light on PvP in Ready, so stick around to discover all about this game mode.

Ready or Not does not have a PvP game mode, at the moment of writing this article. However, the PvP game mode was featured in Ready or Not for a brief period. Currently, developers are planning to implement a PvP game mode once again, but for now, you can either play Ready or Not solo or join friends in co-op.

No, Ready or Not is not PvP

Why Did VOID Interactive Remove PvP Game Mode?

The PvP game mode was removed from the game Ready or Not because it wasn’t functional and stable, but instead of leaving the unfinished and broken mode in the game, developers decided to remove it altogether.

The FAQ section of the game’s official website states that the early access version will focus on single-player and co-op modes. Once PvP mode becomes available once again, it will be announced on VOID Interactive’s social media pages.

Ready or Not solo mode

Still, no one can really tell when this could potentially occur, as the game development can be a long process, so it even may take years until we see a stable PvP mode in Ready or Not. Meanwhile, you can always explore the best mods for Ready or Not and enhance your gameplay experience while waiting for the PvP.

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