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How To Get and Use Rescue Shield in Ready or Not

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Most players in Ready or Not are already familiar with the ballistic shield, but there’s another shield type that you can use called the ‘Rescue Shield‘. This guide will walk you through how to get and use the rescue shield in Ready or Not.

Shields are a very important piece of tactical equipment in a game that tries to simulate real-life SWAT raids. That is why the ballistic shield still stands as one of the best pieces of tactical equipment that you can bring on a raid in Ready or Not.

How to Get Rescue Shield in Ready or Not

The rescue shield can be unlocked by purchasing the Ready or Not: Supporter Edition on Steam. To clarify, there are currently two separate editions of Ready or Not that you can buy on Steam – the Standard and Supporter Editions.

Modded Rescue Shield in Ready or Not - Credit: BeYkeRYkt on Nexusmods
Modded Rescue Shield in Ready or Not – Credit: BeYkeRYkt on Nexusmods

The standard edition comes with no additional or exclusive content, and you’re only given access to the base game items that everyone has. However, owning a copy of the supporter edition will grant you exclusive items such as the Rescue Shield or the unique Federal HRT Uniform.

Owning the supporter edition of the game not only gives you access to exclusive items, but also to an experimental branch of the game that is used for testing future raids and missions. We’d say the additional $72 is worth it.

How to Use the Rescue Shield in Ready or Not

Basically, the rescue shield acts just like the ballistic shield. It’s a simple reskin of the shield that everyone already has access to. This was done so that there aren’t any apparent pay-to-win advantages between game versions. The only real advantage that some people have noted is that it offers a slightly better field of vision than its ballistic shield counterpart.

Ballistic Shield Gameplay in Ready or Not
Ballistic Shield Gameplay in Ready or Not

The shields in Ready or Not act as a deterrent against incoming enemy rounds. It will protect you from any sort of ballistic damage, whilst allowing you to shoot your pistol either from the hip or down the sight with the shield tilted.

The rescue shield works best when you’re in a team of well-coordinated people. It will allow you to scout for enemy positions without having to risk your life as much as you usually do. There is still a slight chance that you’ll get hit in the legs or arms, but it’s significantly lower than if you were to not have a shield.

Is the Rescue Shield Worth It?

Realistically, buying the supporter edition of Ready or Not solely for the rescue shield wouldn’t really be worth it in the long run. It is more intended for people who genuinely want to support and play-test the game.

Now, if you do have the money to spare, then go ahead and buy it. It’s not a necessity however, as you can easily just equip a ballistic shield at the end of the day. All in all, you won’t be missing out on anything substantial by not having this cosmetic reskin of the original ballistic shield.

Ready or Not: Supporter Edition Page on Steam
Ready or Not: Supporter Edition Page on Steam

Void Interactive tries to balance each aspects of their game accordingly, so you will likely never have to worry about pay-to-win features coming to Ready or Not in the future. Giving supporters exclusive items is a must, and we presume that more such items will be introduced as the game grows.

Before you ask – no, you can’t buy the rescue shield DLC individually, it is tied to the supporter edition. However, we have a guide on how to get the Federal HRT uniform we mentioned earlier via mods.

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