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How to Solve Temperance Puzzles in Raft


You will discover a few confusing and difficult-to-solve puzzles while sailing into Raft’s seventh-story island, Temperance. Figuring out how to solve the puzzles is quite tricky, luckily for you, this guide will walk you through how to solve them.

The Temperance Observatory

Figuring out the code in the observatory might be confusing at first, but when you know what to look for it’s a lot easier. Pieces of paper can be found around the observatory with drawings and numbers on them, there are four in total. Each drawing has a very similar shape to the ones shown on the observatories screen, look for the constellation that is similar to the drawing and count the number of bright stars.

The number of stars equals the number for the code, for instance;

  • The first page is a duck, on the screen, there are 5 stars
  • The second page is a pufferfish, on the screen, there are 9 stars
  • The third page is a hook, on the screen, there are 6 stars
  • The fourth page is a raft, on the screen, there are 4 stars

This gives a final code of 5964, which is used to open the safe giving you the Selene key, some tokens, and a blueprint for the advanced stationary anchor, solving the first of Temerances puzzles.

Solving Temperance’s Igloo Village Puzzle

Head right once leaving the observatory and follow the radio towers, collecting the electrical wire at the bottom of each. There are snowmobiles to make this process faster but make sure you are equipt to fight as polar bears populate this island.

You will need nine electrical wires to power the entire igloo village and get the required items to progress.

Lines for where the wires goes at the igloo village
Lines for where the wires go at the igloo village

Head to the igloo village after collecting all the electrical wires and you can begin powering it by connecting the generator of each igloo to the next. each igloo has an interior and sometimes a few items and notes you can collect.

In the center igloo, you will find some vending machines where you can spend your tokens and on the second floor you will find the blowtorch on a table, this is needed to get into the power plant.

Collecting The Control Rods in Laboratory Two

After retrieving the blowtorch, head to the research facility with the green light in the sky. This part of Rafts’ Temperance holds some of the more difficult-to-solve puzzles.

When coming up to the door use the blowtorch to melt the ice and use the Selene key from earlier. After entering the building you will realize you need to collect control rods to continue.

The first puzzle has to do with elements, however, you will need to go through toxic air so be sure to equip the hazmat suit in the facility. Once entering laboratory two, check the walls for the atomic numbers of the elements and put them on the computer screens quickly so your hazmat suit does not run out.

If you wish to skip the actual puzzle the codes are here:

  • Cl 17
  • Pm 61
  • Rb 37

After completing the puzzle and collecting a control rod, you can continue in the corridor and open the valve, be careful as large roaches will spawn once you start turning the valve.

How to Solve The Laser Puzzles on Rafts’ Temperance

Collect another hazmat suit and head into the next room. Completing this laser puzzle will allow you access to laboratory 1. Activate the wall-mounted laser and try to get the lasers to bounce off the mirrors to the door.

The door will then unlock, leading you to another hallway with a hazmat suit and a door leading to another laser puzzle. This is one of Raft’s more difficult-to-solve puzzles on Temperance. Activate the laser and turn the mirrors until they get to the door.

Temperance Laboratory two laser puzzle solved
Temperance Laboratory two laser puzzle solved

Once completed, you can collect the control rod and move on to the final part of the island. Head back to the control room, put the control rods into place, and pull the lever. This will give you the reactor key, allowing you access to the reactor room.

Purifying The Reactor Room

Put on another hazmat suit and head to the reactor, this is a rather simple one. You need to spin all three valves to cleanse the room but roaches will spawn with everyone, so defeat them and spin the valves.

After the reactor room is fixed, you can head through the door to find the very last section of the Temperance, do not worry it is not another puzzle. This room will give you access to Shogo, the fourth playable character, an electric smelter blueprint, and the code for Utopia.

If you are planning to set sail to these islands, you will need some prep work. And that means you need to learn a few things and build a few things:

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