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Raft: How to Find Large Islands

Raft How to Find Large Islands

Most of us get bored fast with all these small islands that come our way. It is understandable since the loot on these pit stops is usually not worth it. But the big titans, the large islands, are exactly what you want to find in Raft! They hold great resources, hidden treasures, and, sometimes, fun little adventures!

Story Islands vs Large Islands – What is the Difference?

Raft Find Large Islands
Large Islands though binoculars

Some of you might have stumbled into a few Story Islands by now. By looking at their size, you could say they are very large as well. However, these are not the Large Islands we are going to find in this guide.

The Story Islands are unique. Players can only find one of a kind in the world of Raft. On the other hand, identical Large Islands can be found throughout the ocean.

How to Use the Receiver to Find Large Islands in Raft

Raft Use Receiver Find Islands
The Receiver showing the large islands around the Raft

You can easily locate a Large Island by just roaming around the waters of Raft. However, there is an efficient technique that can help Raft fans find Large Islands in seconds:

  1. Craft the Receiver and three Antennas, and place them.
  2. Turn it on and look at the screen.
  3. The green dots on the radar are Large Islands.

Gamers will also notice a blue dot the first time they use the Receiver. This dot shows the player the Story Island they are supposed to go to. To discover new Story Islands, travel to the one already shown on the radar and discover the special 4-digit code hidden there for new interesting locations.

Also, the receiver’s battery loses a charge every 10 seconds. This means that it takes about 8 minutes for the batteries of the Receiver to die out. Make sure to always turn it off when you are not using it.

What to Find on the Large Island

Raft Shoot Bow at Screecher
The Screecher closing in on its target

The first thing players might notice on the Large Islands are the new creatures protecting them. Users can discover some very aggressive animals, such as:

  • Warthogs
  • Screechers
  • Poison-puffers

All of these animals will be lethal and will provide new explorers with a new challenge. However, these islands also hold hidden chests, for the treasure hunters, and many ingredients for cooking.

And now you know how to find Story and Large Islands in Raft. There is always something new players such as yourself can find and explore in Raft, so we are just going to leave a few more guides here for interested explorers:

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