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Raft: How to get Wool

Raft: how to get wool - Wool in inventory

Figuring out how to get wool in Raft is an important step in your playthrough. It’s needed for both armor and backpacks – two items that become essential once you start hitting the mid to late game. Unlike most other raw resources, though, wool is actually a bit of a nightmare to get.

To get wool in Raft, you need to capture a Llama with a Net Launcher. Take the now tamed Llama to your raft and use shears on it to generate one wool. Llama’s wool regrows every five minutes.

That’s the very short explanation of how to get wool in Raft. Of course, it’s a much more complicated process than that. We’re going to dive into things in depth down below.

How to Get Wool in Raft

Craft Shears, Net Launcher, and Net Canister

Raft: how to get wool - Shears in inventory
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First things first, you’ve got a little bit of prep work to do. Before you even think of galavanting off in search of a Llama, you’ll want the following conditions met:

  • Build an enclosure on your Raft
  • Craft a Net Launcher and at least one Net Canister
  • Craft Shears

Building an enclosure is simple. You just create a fenced-off part of your raft. That’s it. You’ll want to do this because the animal AI in Raft doesn’t account for the edge of your raft. In other words, your dear Llama will just stroll off the edge and into the murky depths if you don’t build it.

In that enclosure, you’ll also want to have a grass plot that you need to water. This serves as food for your Llama and will ensure its wool is constantly growing back. You can starve your animals if you want. It won’t kill them, but it does halt the production of their resources which is just as bad.

To capture a Llama you will need a Net Launcher and a Net Canister. Now, wool is a fairly mid-game resource in Raft. By the time you’re ready for wool, you should already have at least the Net Launcher researched.

Net Canisters are a little bit more tricky. They require you to have researched Explosive Powder, which is a refined version of Explosive Goo – which you can only get from Poison-Puffers. You can find Poison-Puffers in the reefs around large islands.

Lastly, you’ll want some Shears. These are easy to craft and shouldn’t pose any issues for you at all. If they do, then you’re most likely too early in the game to worry about wool.

Find a Large Island and Capture a Llama

Raft: Captured Llama
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Llamas are only found on large islands, so you’ll need to do some sailing until you find one. Once you do, you’ll need to anchor your raft and disembark. I would recommend you park it pretty much right next to the land. You’ll need to carry your Llama back once you kidnap it, so the less you have to swim the better.

Llamas are quite rare and can be a pain to capture – especially if you’re being harassed by the Screecher and Warthog on the island. It might be a good idea to bring some weapons because it’s the only way to get wool in Raft.

Either way, you’ll need to wander around in hopes of finding one. Once you do, you’ll need to fire at it with your Net Launcher and hit it. Llamas will run away from you if you walk up to them, so this is trickier than it sounds. However, they flee in set paths, just watch them for a few minutes to learn their pattern so that you can predict the shot.

Bring the Llama Back to Your Raft for Harvest

Raft: Llama in its enclosure
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Once you’ve managed to successfully catch a Llama, you’re almost done. Walk over to it in the net and interact with it to pick it up. This counts as taming the Llama and it will no longer run away from you if you drop it. It will wander, though, so pick it up and don’t drop it.

While your Llama is in your hands, you’re able to rename it. You don’t have to, but it does add a little bit of personality to your new pet. Rename it, or don’t, and head on back to your raft. You won’t be able to use any items while you’re carrying the Llama, which is why you should park the raft closely.

Once you’re back on the raft, put your Llama down inside of its enclosure and make sure the gate is closed. Take your shears and hold Mouse 1 over your Llama to cut off its wool. Each harvest yields one piece of wool, with it regrowing every five minutes if your Llama isn’t hungry.

Wool is used for a lot of important gear in Raft. You can use it to craft backpacks, and armor, and it’s one of the best resources in the game to make Trash Cubes out of. If possible, you’ll want to get your hands on a few Llamas so that you can have a steady supply of the stuff. Or, you can look to craft a few other important items:

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